Gillette Abdi raps and “shaved you with shampoo”: the new “star” on YouTube sky

Stars are not born today only on the TV screen or the big screen. Who wants to come quickly to fame, is more and more on the workhorse YouTube. A YouTuber that can currently most talked about, Gillette Abdi or Cilet Abdi is.

Gillette Abdi raps and & quot; shaved you with shampoo & quot ;: The new & quot; Star & quot; on YouTube sky

Meanwhile, there is even a rap song by Gillette Abdi with Masoud at his side. For many Gillette is a "blatant type", but others see behind Abdi people who exploit them only for quick money and YouTube fame.

Gillette Abdi shaved you

Some critical voices say that Gillette Abdi has a disability that prevents them to see him, that he sets out on YouTube in the eyes of many ridiculous. These voices trying to get street sound to silence a statement from TV. There is an interview video with Abdi since late December. In the comment section, the operator of the channels to have your say and announce that "Abdi really makes everything voluntarily and fun of it." Especially Abdi knows but that he "knows exactly" what he does and deserves to YouTube by its performances good money.

youtube-road sound-screenshotThe statement of TV sound street after the interview with Gillette Abdi. (Screenshot: YouTube)Start Photogallery(17 images)Markiplier can edit photo of his dog - the results are amazing

Gillette Abdi on YouTube and Facebook

Of course, behind Abdi no philosopher. Nevertheless, or perhaps because he is able to inspire with simple means many YouTuber-viewers. His videos are full full of threats and insults. His trademark is the exclamation "Amina koyayım". Who wants to know what "Amina koyayım" or &# 8220; AMK&# 8221; abbreviated words, Google's translator should fire up. However, it can be assumed that there is an attenuated form of translation is reproduced.

Alternatively, you look over here:

What's AMK? Caution: Parental Advisory

Meanwhile, some Facebook pages can be called "Gillette Abdi". Here you can find some funny pictures and posts. Abdi itself states on his YouTube channel that fact gives only has an official Facebook page of him.

abdi-facebookAbdi on Facebook (Screenshot: Facebook)

Anyone who has seen nothing of Gillette Abdi still should take a look at his YouTube channel. Too much level you should not expect, however. Of course you should not watch the videos with the claim that all is serious. The views of YouTube videos speak at least for Abdi.

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