Star Wars: Commander – Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS

With Star Wars: Commander waits after Tiny Death Star the next iPhone app with Darth Vader and Co. in the lead roles, wants to take your time in shoeing. For a fast access and advancement in the iOS strategy game you should have a look at our Star Wars: Commander throwing tips and tricks.

Star Wars: Commander - Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS

In Star Wars: Commander you have to take care of your base while at the same time send your powerful army on the side of rebels or the Empire in the fight you like in Clash Of Clans.

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Star Wars Commander now available for Android!

Whether you are fighting on the side of the Empire or the Rebel has no bearing on the game. Pick your page accordingly for sympathy. At the beginning of the game you should take a one squad in Star Wars: Commander connect. In the comments you can replace you, to look for a new team or members. Other players can you z. Send as troops who support you in battle.

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Star Wars: Commander Tips and Tricks: resources and crystals

  • The first 72 hours of installation of Star Wars: Commander you are immune to attack, so that the opponent can not launch any attacks on your base.
  • Repealed protection is, however, if you draw in the first three days itself into battle.
  • So you can find an undisturbed entry into the game and can construct alone your Commander-base, you should take a accordingly, the first three games take time for it and let rest for attacks.
  • Resources are the alpha and omega for your Star Wars: Commander basis.
  • You should therefore set up your attention primarily to the reduction of resources and only make second for a powerful army.
  • Builds therefore first resource-building, especially the credit market and the Alloy Refinery.
  • These buildings should also be leveled up as early as possible.
  • Entertainment, using in particular the first 72 hours after downloading the game.
  • Keep your Star Wars: Commander heroes in the eyes. This is compared to the rest of the troops increased attack power and more life force on the battlefield.
  • Moreover heroes are able to attack one enemy base, even if it is surrounded by shields.

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Star Wars: Commander - tips, tricks and cheats for iOS

Primary currency in Star Wars: Commander are the crystals. This gets you in five different ways:

  1. battles
  2. Waiting
  3. Completing missions and tasks
  4. In app purchase with real money
  5. Facebook connection

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Since you still will spend waiting enough time without the use of real money, you should never spend on speeding up the construction of buildings or units the valuable crystals. Will you call 14,000 crystals your own, such need. B. 90 € are unsheathed.

Star Wars: Commander &# 8211; Tips and Tricks for attack and defense

Early in the game you should focus you attention on completing missions. Here you will on the one hand familiar with the gameplay. There are also some opportunities here to free on Star Wars: Commander to come crystals and credits. Other players should be attacked only when no three stars more can be achieved in the single-player missions.

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Star Wars: Commander - Tips for attacks

Do you want to attack other players should note you the following:

  • star-wars-commanderBarracks should be brought to at least Level 2nd
  • With Wookies their turrets can swith.
  • Rebel soldiers collect resources.
  • Concentrate when attacking first on the units with many resources and a weak defense.
  • Takes care to collect as many resources instead of medals.
  • The higher your ranking medals that future battles are more crisp.

Star Wars: Commander - Tips for defense

  • When it comes to defending your base, you should place multiple turrets.
  • Sets units included with their skills.
  • Proton mortar should be placed approximately in the center of the base to reach enemies in every corner of the base.
  • Turrets, the headquarters and the resources silos should be hidden as possible behind several wall layers.
  • Is it a defeat against, take up your headquarters from the protected area and places it in an easily accessible place for the opponent.
  • So you can provoke that the enemy destroyed your camp for tapping medals, instead of valuable resources in the silos.

Star Wars: Commander &# 8211; Cheats

Cheats for Star Wars: Commander that you z. give as free crystals, there is not. The app is available for free in the AppStore and refinanced through in app purchases. An official Star Wars: Commander Cheat for more crystals, resources, or the like, it is therefore not give. Pushes her on the Internet on deals you a Star Wars Commander Hack promise, makes it a wide berth. As a rule, these are fraudulent content that want to hijack your iTunes account or Facebook account, you foist malware or end in a subscription trap.


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