“This show does not meet the terms and conditions”: what to do?

The Tracking of DHL provides information on the current shipping status of a package. Annoying it if the shipment was to be delivered already actually in the delivery tracking but the status' This consignment does not meet the terms and conditions "is to be read is.

Learn what is behind this status message and what you can do if the package does not arrive so.

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"This show does not meet the terms and conditions": started returning &# 8211; how so?

The status message is particularly appropriate when a packet should be delivered to a DHL packing station. Problems in delivery can thereby have different causes. Do you read the message "This show does not meet the terms and conditions", therefore no single solution for the delivery can be specified. Common reasons are:

  • The package was damaged during delivery and can not be stored in the packing station in the state.
  • The package was inadequately packed before shipping.
  • Documents that are essential for a consignment, the consignment were not settled.
  • The time required for the packing station shipping post number of the recipient is specified or not at all wrong. Attention to our instructions on how to enter the packing station address correctly.
  • Even a wrong packing station number can cause the consignment can not be delivered.
  • In some cases, the message "The program does not meet the Conditions" is displayed. Here's the non-delivery of a breach of the rules, for. For example by not allowing goods due.

"This show does not meet the terms and conditions": what to do?

"This show does not meet the terms and conditions" Hereby liegts

Bathes the message in the tracking of the package usually can not be replenished. As a result, this means that the shipment will be sent back to the sender. So if you have ordered something and finds the message in the status overview you, turn directly to the seller or consignor of the corresponding article. The DHL hotline can usually not help you in this regard.

"This show does not meet the terms and conditions": what to do?

Usually, it takes two to three days to a faulty consignment is sent back to the receiver. For large mail-order companies, it may take additional one to two days until the returned package was properly logged into the system to return it to your order. After contact has a subsequent shipping or a substitute for the delivery should be discussed.

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