Windows clipboard empty: So you delete them safely!

The clipboard is a short-term memory, but which can be treacherous. If you want to empty the Windows clipboard, helps you a quick trick. We'll tell it to you here ...

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Especially for shared computers or office perhaps do not want the next person sees accidentally with a single click the contents of the last clipboard. And if that is important, then you have to empty the Windows clipboard. The fastest way is to the clipboard easily &# 8220; overwrite&# 8221 ;. For to this end I have to do anything but take as some completely harmless to the clipboard, or even a single space. This previous contents are securely deleted. Unless it was a multiple clipboard as Clip Jump installed. Then of course all last content available. One should check in doubt. By the way, you can empty the clipboard also with Android.

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completely empty the Windows clipboard

If you want to make sure that the clipboard is really absolutely empty, without even including an alibi content, then you have to give a corresponding command to the operating system to do so. Windows itself, unfortunately, does not contain a corresponding command to do so. The following method works in all versions of Windows!

Windows Clipboard-empty-trickWith a simple command, you can empty the clipboard manually

So you empty the clipboard complete:

  • First you have to call the Windows command prompt. Located in the Start menu under "Run".
  • In the command line of this window you give now a:
cmd / c "echo off | clip"
  • This command is then with a click OK sent.

That opens and closes just a black console window, and then the Windows clipboard is safe emptied. This one can also easily check by simply using a text or graphic program or the address bar of their browser "Insert" or the Ctrl + V tries to display the contents of the clipboard.

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The Windows clipboard empty, a lasting link

If you must periodically empty the clipboard, it puts you to the best a fixed link to the desktop or hide it from the Start menu.

In general, you need to the same command as in the previous section. Only he is now saved as a shortcut.

Windows Clipboard-empty-linkOnce saved as a shortcut, can the clipboard with one click with this command empty

So it creates a permanent link with which you can empty the clipboard by clicking:

  • First, you click with the Right-click on the desktop and selects the context menu the menu item "New / Shortcut".
  • Now you will after demand location for the shortcut. ignores the and simply adds just your command (in quotation marks):
cmd / c "echo off | clip"
  • By clicking on "Continue" come ye to the next dialog. There you can the Enter name, to the shortcut on the desktop to have. There you can, for example, something innocuous like "Empty Trash" option.
  • now even save with "Finish" and from now on you can empty comfortable again the clipboard.

A quick click on the new shortcut briefly open a console window, calls the command and closes it again. Alternatively, there is of course the already mentioned option simply a space to the clipboard to take over. You can not put "nothing" to the clipboard, but a space to work.

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