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For many versions of iOS, there is a jailbreak. What is this, and it makes sense to perform this? We give beginners an overview: Besides the basics for Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch we call advantages and disadvantages, support equipment and refer to our tutorials.

What is a jailbreak and why is it so popular?

A jailbreak opens the file directory of an operating system - so you were, chopping his iPhone. On untethered Jailbreak is a complete jailbreak. in case of a Tethered Jailbreak however, the iOS device must be connected when you restart the computer.

Some users (there but increasingly less) is the jailbreak for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch very popular (see figures Jailbreakme). The reason: After a jailbreak applications and modifications can be installed that are not listed in the App Store.

Because the operating system iOS is a closed system. So may only be installed on iPhone and Co. what Apple allows. The electronics company has set up an App Store for software purchases, which forms the access to the iOS products in the world. Every single application gives Apple released until after a review.

The closed system has advantages. The risk is thus reduced significantly that fraudulent or erroneous strongly Apps enter the circulation. However, a major drawback is that the guidelines alone has set Apple's discretion. The result was the odd quarrel with the manufacturer of the popular products.

What are the pros and cons of a jailbreak?

Jailbreak for iPhone & iPadWith a jailbreak a user thus bypasses the restriction by Apple. Advantage: Now apps and themes can be downloaded from Cydia that Apple does not allow in-store - for example because they show unlawful content or intervene too deeply into the system. Useful, additional options - for example Profiles - thus available after a jailbreak on iPhone and iPad available.

On the other hand, the safety benefits are lost, which provides a closed system: malware can pass easily on the iOS device. Other disadvantages include a more unstable device: crashes the operating system and applications can often appear (depending on the version and device). A stronger system utilization and more battery will have been observed sporadically. By the way: In the Apple support you need with a gejailbreakten iPhone or iPad can not overlook. As it is, remove Jailbreak, produce original state.

Is a jailbreak for iOS 9 recommended?

A technology beginners should stay away from it: The installation will not run without risk. Then one is in the hands of Jailbreaker rather than in the hands of Apple - for example, when it comes to patching security vulnerabilities.

Many savvy users want to break away from dependence on Apple, or have an older device that many functions no longer offers (for example, iPhone 3G). Others require their iOS device for a particular application, the Apple with its hardware is actually not allowed. Here a jailbreak can be useful - it is necessary to weigh pros and cons. With iOS 5, iOS 7 and following systems Apple has its operating system but so well equipped, that there are only a few arguments for a jailbreak.

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Where to find help for a jailbreak?

All those who still want to take the risk of getting among other GIGA APPLE the necessary tools, tips, app recommendations and messages. Our jailbreak status here in the sidebar indicates which devices with which system a jailbreak is available.

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