Monster Legends: Tips, Tricks, Breeding Guide and Cheats for Android and iOS

In Monster Legends her your own monster who can you into the adventure, send out into battle or during arena battles creates. So you can find a quick introduction to Monster Legends and makes your legendary monsters on the legs, you can find here some monsters Legends tips and tricks.

Monster Legends: Tips, Tricks, Breeding Guide and Cheats for Android and iOS

In addition, you will find a breeding guide here, you can create with what you monsters of all kinds.

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Monster Legends: Tips and tricks for getting started

Monster Legends has a game app for Android and iOS, as well as a Facebook game for a lot of variety, eventually you get here components of an economic Sim paired with a strategic combat game delivered. In order to get as quickly as possible with the elements of the game familiar to you should the tutorial at the beginning of the game play in detail. Already here gets you plenty of tips and tricks for Monster Legends that you can use it in the course of the game. Gems should not be used here.

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These are the premium currency of the game with which to z. can be accelerated as the construction of buildings. For the fulfillment of the tutorial tasks there are already first in-game rewards, but including gold and experience just the rare gems. After her Pandalfs have completed tasks from the Tutorial, more targets can be met, you also bring rewards to the account.

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Monster Legends: Tips and Tricks for the monster breeding

In Monster Legends there are nine different types of monsters that can be crossed with each other. Individual monster types are activated only after a certain level you have reached. Monsters differ in their requirements for food and feed. The following types of monsters there are in Monster Legends:

  • Fire
  • nature
  • earth
  • thunder
  • water
  • Darkness
  • light
  • metal
  • magic
  • legends

Depending on the type created, the frequency of the monster, which is also visible in the game is different:

  • C: Common, yellow background, frequent crossing
  • U: Uncommon, brown background: something rarer than common-Monster
  • R: Rare, red background, rare monsters
  • E: Epic, green background, very rare monsters
  • to obtain purple background, very rarely and only by luck (or gems): L: Legendary

Especially the rare monsters are characterized by their strength and life. In addition, better monster throw after a successful fight off more gold and rewards.

Do you want to create all the monsters in Monster Legends will help you the following table for the monster Legend Stud:

Fire breed monsters

Monster 1Monster 2Result
FiresaurTreezardGreenasaur (U), Pandaken (R)
FiresaurRockillaFire Kong (U), Freetle (R)
FiresaurThunder EagleGigram (U), Thundernix (R)
FiresaurMersnakeSealion (U), Vapwhirl (R)
FiresaurTyranno KingFlickie (U), Firetaur (R)
FiresaurgeniusPyrook (U), Djinn (R)
FiresaurMetalsaurEsmelter (U), Fornax (R)

Natural Monster intersections

Monster 1Monster 2Result
TreezardFiresaurGreenasaur (U), Pandaken (R)
TreezardRockillaRarawr (U), Tarzape (R)
TreezardMersnakeSheluke (U), Bumblesnout (R)
TreezardTyranno KIngUtochomp (U), Dendrosaur (R)
TreezardgeniusBloom Skips (U), Pandalf (R)
TreezardLight SpiritVixsun (U), Rudicius (R)
TreezardMetalsaurJonskeer (U), Crux (R)

breeding ground Monster

Monster 1Monster 2combination
RockillaFiresaurFire Kong (U), Freetle (R)
RockillaTreezardRarawr (U), Tarzape (R)
RockillaThunder EagleElectrex (U), sweet (R)
RockillaMersnakeGastosquish (U), Musu (R)
RockillaTyranno KingObsidian (U), Beefcake (R)
RockillaLight SpiritLight Sphinx (U), Gold Core (R)
RockillaMetalsaurRockneto (U), Gravoid (R)

breed Thunder Monster

Monster 1Monster 2combination
Thunder EagleFiresaurGigram (U), Thundernix (R)
Thunder EagleRockillaElectrex, sweet
Thunder EagleMersnakeShock Turtle, Koopigg
Thunder EagleTyranno KingTerror Dactyl, Shanky
Thunder EaglegeniusRaydex, Spark Wedge
Thunder EagleLight SpiritPelitwirl, pulses Prism
Thunder EagleMetalsaurLesaki, Garuda M3

breeding water monster

Monster 1Monster 2combination
MersnakeFiresaurSealion, Vapwhirl
MersnakeTreezardSheluke, Bumblesnout
MersnakeRockillaGastosquish, Musu
MersnakeElectricShock Turtle, Koopigg
MersnakegeniusDolphchamp, Octocrush
MersnakeLight SpiritBlesstle, Raane
MersnakeMetalsaurMetanephrops, Metaselach

grow dark monster

Monster 1Monster 2combination
Tyranno KingFiresaurFlickie, Firetaur
Tyranno KingTreezardUtochomp, Dendrosaur
Tyranno KingRockillaObsidian, Beefcake
Tyranno KingThunder EagleTerror Dactyl, Shanky
Tyranno KinggeniusGiragast, Haze
Tyranno KingLight SpiritSuccuba, Fayemelina
Tyranno KingMetalsaurOmethyst, Vortux

breed Metalsaur monster

Monster 1Monster 2combination
MetalsaurFiresaurEsmelter, Fornax
MetalsaurRockillaRockneto, Gravoid
MetalsaurThunder EagleLesaki, Garuda M3
MetalsaurMersnakeMetanephrops, Metalesach
MetalsaurTyranno KingOmethyst, Vortux
MetalsaurgeniusManolyth, Dommeath
MetalsaurTreezardJonskeer, Crux
MetalsaurLight SpiritHeimdal, Aurinia

breed Magic Monster

Monster 1Monster 2combination
geniusFiresaurPyrook, Djinn
geniusTreezardBloom Skips, Pandalf
geniusThunder EagleRaydex, Spark Wedge
geniusMersnakeDolphchamp, Octocrush
geniusTyranno KingGiragast, Haze
geniusLight SpiritFlawless, Zim
geniusMetalsaurManolyth, Dommeath

breed light-Monster

Monster 1Monster 2Intersections in growing
Light SpiritTreezardVixsun, Rudicius
Light SpiritRockillaLight Sphinx, Gold Core
Light SpiritThunder EaglePelitwirl, pulses Prism
Light SpiritMersnakeBlesstle, Raane
Light SpiritTyranno KingSuccuba, Fayemelina
Light SpiritgeniusFlawless, Zim
Light SpiritMetalsaurHeimdal, Aurinia

breed epic monsters

Monster 1Monster 2combination
UtochompKoopiggRazfeesh, Rhynex
Light SphinxPyrookSkipples, Terracrank
UtochompLight SphinxFayemelina
ElectrexVixsungold Core
Mersnakegeniusdrop Elemental
Tyranno KingBeefcakeDarknubis
Bloom SkipsFire KongTartarus

breed monsters of legend

Monster 1Monster 2combination
Razfeeshdrop ElementalLord of the Atlantis
Erphamdrop ElementalGoldfield

Monster Legends tips and tricks to breed monsters, experience gewinnne

So that you can breed monsters, they must be fed. Gold get her through the completion of missions. Single-player missions can be repeated more often, so that you can level up neatly along the way. Like so many other apps, even Monster Legends survived by his social connections. If you connect the game with Facebook, you get not just once free gems, but also can share with friends stamina points and resources such as gold, food and eggs. In the comments you can replace you if you make new friends Monster Legends investigated.

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Monster Legends: Tips for the fight and the Arena

A major component of the game are the battles. Here you should rely primarily on the skills and the strength of the monster. the attacks initially focused on a particular opponent's monster. If you have problems in the battle have invested before the next fight in objects and feed your monster sufficient. From level 10 you can also get into the arena to fight against other players. For the victory, there is also gold and food, as well as trophies.

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Is there Monster Legends cheats or hacks?

As with all games arises in connection with Monster Legends the question Cheats. The use of cheat codes violates the terms of the app, so you risk your account if you used Monster Legends cheats. Frequently found online hacks that promise you free gems, food and gold. However, this is usually to fakes and malware that bring you no Monster Legends hack but a Trojan on the hard disk or you lure them into a subscription trap.

Monster Legends: Free Gems

Even without Monster Legends cheats, there are some ways on you can get free Monster Legends gems:

  • ascend Level
  • free island of meteorites
  • Log on five consecutive days
  • defeat boss on the adventure map
  • Fighting in the Monster Arena

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