What makes Playboy 51 from Reinickendorf 2014?

Stefan Raab has helped, especially in the early days of TV Total number of unfamiliar faces from television to some brief fame, including about Dieter Bürgy from a lime-Tabs advertising. The Berlin "Atze" Playboy 51 owes its fame to the appearance on TV Total.

What makes Playboy 51 from Reinickendorf 2014?

In the late 90s had Tanju Calikiran, his real name, numerous appearances in the then popular daytime talk shows. Although the appearance of Playboy 51 at TV Total already dates back 13 years of Reinickendorfer is also 2014 still present on TV and in front of the screen.

Playboy 51 &# 8211; every Sunday from 21 am at Ustream

Playboy 51 online and now on TV

Since 2010, Playboy is 51 to view video on his weekly show 51TV. The online Live Show regularly runs Sunday nights from 20 pm and can be viewed in the live stream via Ustream. Following the 51TV live stream the latest episode can be estreamt at YouTubeg. Playboy 51 also had numerous guest appearances in music videos known hip-hop and pop stars such. As in the etching, the sect Alpa Gun and more.

Furthermore, Playboy was heard 51 from Reinickendorf in four music singles as performer three times with DJ Desue at his side.

  • P 51 &# 8211; 51 (Single, with DJ Desue)
  • Playboy 51 &# 8211; Only the Weibaz (single, with DJ Desue)
  • Playboy 51 feat. fiko &# 8211; One for you, one for me (Single, with DJ Desue)
  • Nazar & Raf Camora feat. Playboy 51 &# 8211; sagol

See 51 videos online Playboy

The "51" in the name is derived from the numbering of the old Berlin postal district in Reinickendorf. Furthermore Calikiran can be seen in several docu-soaps on RTL II, z. B. in a RTL II magazine output. In MySpass you can you once the clips from Playboy TV 51 in total view in the video, including its appearance on the talk show by Peter Imhof.playboy-51-screenshot

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