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By gamers for gamers: the company Lioncast was founded in 2008 and is next to Console Accessories also produces PC gaming hardware. The company, based in Berlin has set itself the goal of producing the best input devices (mice and keyboards) and headsets for players on the market.

The makers behind Lioncast themselves gamers. Your self-declared goal is to produce hardware that want to use it themselves &# 8211; and do well. So the actual hardware such as mice, mouse pads, headsets and keyboards is made of high quality materials with high quality standards. In addition a sophisticated software support that is not cluttered like many other providers with functions, but focuses on the essentials.

Gaming hardware Lioncast Overview

Lioncast represents Our products include:

  • Gaming Mice
  • Mechanical gaming keyboards
  • Gaming headsets
  • Accessories for PC gaming, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Gaming mice from Lioncast

The Lioncast LM20 is an all-round gaming mouse.The Lioncast LM20 is an all-round gaming mouse.

Lioncast currently has two mice on sale: The LM20 and LM30. While the LM20 gaming mouse is designed for games of all kinds, is obtained with the LM30 a model with numerous additional keys that are in MMOs of great help.

Both mice have a laser sensor that can operate with an accuracy of up to 16,400 dpi. In addition, they offer the ability to set the weight individually. The keys are mostly freely programmable.

lioncast-Lm30The LM30 is particularly suitable for players of MMOs and RPGs, but also makes shooters in not a bad figure.

The polling rate is up to 1,000Hz / 1ms response time. Both mice feature a freely selectable illumination. Amazon, the beige PC rodents come to a very good overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars:

Lioncast LM20 at Amazon*

Keyboards Lioncast

In addition to mice, of course, keyboards are an important input device for gamers. In Lioncast you find four keyboards on sale: LK10, LK15, LK20 and LK30.

Lioncast LK15 Amazon*

Lioncast LK10Lioncast LK10

While the first two models are designed for the beginner area and Rubber dome keys have (but still nice features like a seven-color LED Pipe offer), the company Cherry are installed in Germany in the LK20 and LK30 mechanical pushbuttons &# 8211; Available are the brown and blue versions of the massively popular switches. Advantage: a much more accurate and more comfortable triggering the different keys.

Mechanical keyboard from Amazon*

Lioncast LK30 with palm restLioncast LK30 with palm rest

Headsets Lioncast

lioncast headsetsAlso headsets are available from numerous Lioncast on sale: for example, the LX10 *Lioncast - Complete info at GIGA, LX15 *Lioncast - Complete info at GIGA, LX16 EVO, PRO LX18, LX30 *Lioncast - Complete info at GIGA. The headsets are specially designed for gaming on the PC or the console and are characterized primarily by a very good price-performance ratio.

Lioncast headsets on Amazon*

Gaming Accessories

mouse-bungeeIn addition to input and output devices also provides Lioncast numerous accessory items such as mouse pads *Lioncast - Complete info at GIGA, Mouse bungees *Lioncast - Complete info at GIGA and charging solutions for console controller *Lioncast - Complete info at GIGA.

Lioncast Support

You need help with a Lioncast product have a question before buying, you can fill out the support.

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