Marvel heroes Psycho quiz: Which Marvel superhero are you?

Which Marvel hero is your personal favorite? This question is for us today to be a damn times. Instead, we wish to know what Marvel hero you actually ARE! Desire and reality go hand in hand, after all, rare. Who are you really so? To find out, we have created 15 specific questions that go to the thing on the psychological reason. The questions range from your relationship with Dad about your greatest fears to your sex life. Who answered honestly and in good faith, experiencing at the end of which Marvel hero actually suits him best. But beware: The answer is you may not like it. Here is our Marvel heroes Psycho quiz. Have fun! 

Marvel heroes Psycho quiz: Which Marvel superhero are you?Source: © Marvel

You have to give the superhero from the Marvel universe yes - they have to bear all quite a packet. Broken childhoods, handsome father complexes terrible guilt and distorted self-perceptions wherever you look. Superheroes need super apparently therapist. Our quiz takes the moving stories of Marvel heroes as an opportunity to spice up our present character quiz a bit. Participate at your own risk!

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Marvel heroes: Which Marvel superhero are you?

The following 15 questions are based on a psychological profile of the known from the Marvel movies characters. We have oriented ourselves here primarily to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but can also feed here and there a few additional background facts from the comic universe. You might want to answer our questions honestly and see what Marvel character is him in this respect most similar. Of course you can try to simply outsmart our Marvel quiz and achieve the desired result with the help of your knowledge of the Marvel heroes. Either way - we hope it's fun.

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