Tschick seen in legal online Stream & amp; when is DVD release?

The German road movie about a legendary summer finally comes to the cinema: Tschick is the screen adaptation of the hugely successful and novel by Wolfgang Herrndorf. Originally David Wnendt was intended as a director, but has finally taken over Fatih Akin. To celebrate the release always the question of the legal online stream emerges & the DVD release on &# 8211; we try to clarify. 

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German films are one thing, but Fatih Akin (Cut, Crossing the Bridge, Gegen die Wand) the genre certainly helped to new glory. Under the thumb of this filmmaker German films are actually something like sexy. The author of the much-loved book is not available in 2013 died at the age of 48 years and will not be able to witness how his novel is converted into a road movie. However, the plans were already at his lifetime on the table and were known to him. The Roman*Tschick seen in legal online Stream & amp; when is DVD release? was published in 2010, is still a bestseller, was already more than 2 million copies sold and translated into 24 languages.

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Unfortunately, it is still not the case that movies are close in time to get the theatrical release even in a lawful providers online. We find this still incomprehensible and sad, after all, remain the potential revenue in shady streaming portals depend who have nothing helped produce and there are many people who simply can not go to the movies because of their health or geographical situation , We hope that the film industry rethinking in this regard soon and published a legal online stream shortly after the theatrical release.

As long as you remain only the portals in the legal limbo of the Internet, we caution at this point against viruses, malware and subscription traps. Once the release date is known, we will publish it here.

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When the DVD or Blu-ray appears is as yet unclear.

Tschick: Film to Novel &# 8211; Release date 15 September 2016

The shooting Tschick started as scheduled on 02 September in Leipzig and were completed in November. The shooting took place in Berlin, central Germany and Brandenburg. The trailer has already been published, but until we can see the best summer of all, it will be autumn already. Planned the film on 09/15/2016 should start in German cinemas. Since the book has celebrated international success, it is hoped that there is still place an international rental for the movie.

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Fatih Akin had read the novel in 2011 for the first time and was absolutely thrilled by the story of two 14-year-old youth who take a spontaneous adventure in an old Lada. Like other colleagues, he had made considerable efforts to the acquisition of rights. At that time, however, the producer Marco Mehlitz awarded the contract, the collaboration with director David Wnendt (wetlands, He's back) aspired. This collaboration has been canceled, but peacefully and by mutual agreement. The myth that the author Herrendorf have appointed the director explicitly Wnendt to implement for the filming, is not correct. They were mainly scheduling reasons that divided the originally intended team and no one has with this decision infringed the last will of the author.

The screenplay for the film Tschick was written by Lars Hubrich, who was also a friend of the writer. The script was completely revised after the change of direction again with Fatih Akin.

Fatih akin and performer of Tschick

Tschick: Action & Cast

The film is atmospherically on films such as North Sea Mordsee or Stand by me also be oriented. Maik and his friend Tschick embark on a road trip and say to yourself: &# 8220; We are on top of things&# 8221 ;. Maik Klingenberg is an outsider who must spend long holidays alone in the villa of his rich parents. Mami is in rehab and Papi makes a nice business trip with his assistant &# 8211; Maik is lonely. Suddenly emerged Tschick &# 8211; Andrej Tschichatschow &# 8211; on. He's from Russia, lives in a high-rise estate in Berlin-Marzahn and is equipped with a stolen Lada go. The best summer of all can begin, because the two simply drive off &# 8211; without a map, without a plan. On their journey, they meet even Isa, a boyish girl dominates example, the art of gasoline Klauens.

Play it: 

  • Anand Batbileg as Andrej &# 8211; Tschick &# 8211; Tschichatschow
  • Tristan Göbel as Maik Klingenberg
  • Nicole Mercedes Müller as Isa

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