Office 2016: Release Date and Features at a Glance

With Office 2016, Microsoft has the next heavyweight in the wings for Windows 10th Read here, when is the release date for Office 2016 and what features offer the next version of the Office suite.

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Updated on 22.9. 2015

As of today, Office 2016 for Windows officially available.The two packages Office Home and Student 2016 and Office Home and Business 2016 at a price of 149, - or 279 euros sold at retail &# 8211; in the box but is no disk, but only a product key with the can you you download the software. For the operation of Office 2016, despite sales via the Internet no Office 365 subscription is required &# 8211; Details can be found in this article: Do I need 365 to use Office to Office 2016? What are the advantages?

Office Home and Student is aimed exclusively at private users &# 8211; the version also does not contain Outlook. Who wants to work with Office, the more expensive Office Home and Business must therefore suitable for nearly 250, get -Euro. This is not just a little, especially since there are numerous alternatives to Office today. Whether a purchase still worth and what reasons, you read in this special topic for the launch of Office 2016: Buy Office 2016 to 5 reasons that speak for it. We also show you in an overview once all the new features of Office 2016th

Who is already migrated to Windows 10 and want to use Office 2016 found in the article Office 2016 for Windows 10: These are the differences an overview of all aspects in which Office 2016 is different for the latest operating system from Microsoft. In another article, we have also summarized again the system requirements for Office 2016 for you. A small but nice feature of Windows 10 is the new alert Tell Me The article Office 2016. Tell Me - So the new Wizard works we show you the workings of the helper.

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Updated on 09/11/2015

Now it is official: Microsoft has announced the release date for Office 2016: Thus the program is actually on September 22, 2015 kommmen in the trade. Customers of Office 365 can free update to the latest version of Office on September 22. Look also to this article to: free upgrade to Office 2016 - how it works. Business customers with volume licenses can install the package from October 1, 2015.

Updated on 08/24/2015

New information about the release date of Office 2016: According information of the magazine is to Office 2016 on September 22, 2015 appear. The information comes from a source close to Microsoft, which published a screenshot with the exact date. First, the version for home users to anscheinen hit the market, followed at a later date in the course of the Enterprise version. Microsoft has not yet ruled on appointment &# 8211; may get an official announcement within the technology fair IFA.

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Office 2016 Release Date: Appears in autumn

Office 2016 for Mac *Office 2016: Release Date and Features at a Glanceis already out there, the Windows *Office 2016: Release Date and Features at a Glance-Version can not yet coming. An exact date is not yet known, but long it will not last until the release of Office 2016 for Windows. In a blog post on the official blog Office of the Chief of Office marketing team, Jared Spataro said that Office 2016 will be released in autumn, 2015. That leaves some room for interpretation &# 8211; the network will therefore also been speculated vigorously when Office 2016 is because now appear accurate.

Office 2016: Download Preview and test advance

One theory is that Microsoft Office 2016 brings the start of the new school year in the US market &# 8211; this would mean that Office 2016 will appear in September. We will keep you informed about the latest developments of course up to date &# 8211; until then, interested parties but an overview of some of the new features of Office 2016 can gain ever in the preview version. Also read how high the price of the Windows version of Office 2016 will probably fail.

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Office 2016 &# 8211; What's New?

With Office 2016, Microsoft plans to make the Office suite contemporary and adapt the traditional desktop applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint to modern working conditions.

  • The focus is on networking the user by means of cloud and cross-platform compatibility.
  • Users can use the Office programs also across different platforms and for example, edit documents in real time.
  • In addition, a native Office 2016 version for tablets and smartphones to appear, which is optimized with touch input on the operation of the individual devices.
  • On the operation of the Windows *Office 2016: Release Date and Features at a Glance-Version of Office 2016 will not change the other hand: the main input devices continue to be the mouse and keyboard, as the According to Microsoft, is still the most effective way to work on the PC.

The following are some features of Office 2016 in detail, we present you. Read about cloud computing in general, the article backup in the cloud - Top 5 Tips for Dropbox, Google Drive and Co.

Word 2016The new Word 2016th

Office 2016: Release Date features at a glance

In recent years, Microsoft has with services such as Office Online or Office 365 *Office 2016: Release Date and Features at a Glanceincreasingly moved toward Cloud. Office 2016 builds on this web-centric approach and provides for release date include the following features:

  • Easier access to documents: Users can always open files in the cloud, edit, and store and access it from different devices it.
  • Real-time connectivity: Users of desktop applications can simultaneously edit documents (for example, in Word) and understand in real time what the colleagues work.
  • Adaptive Applications: The individual programs of the Office suite learn and analyze based on recurring patterns, the operation of the user.
  • Tell Me: The Search Companion simplifies the search for specific functions. Users must no longer seek the commands in the system tray, but can type in a search box the desired function simply as &# 8220; Add a picture&# 8221 ;.
  • Clutter: The feature anaylsiert email traffic in Outlook and cleans the inbox by news of low PrioriƤt new in a &# 8220; Clutter folder&# 8221; are stored.
  • Insights: Another search feature that linked to the Microsoft search engine Bing. Insights Users can individual terms Show context information (for example, photos, Wikipedia entries) without the Office application to leave.
  • New Wallpaper: The &# 8220; Black Theme&# 8221; has a darker screen background and to protect the eyes, especially during lengthy applications.

Office 2016 &# 8211; preliminary Conclusions

So far, the new features of Office 2016 are more manageable and can be found in detail &# 8211; Office 2016 is probably not a great revolution, but a gentle evolution of the previously chosen path. Until the final release in the fall, the developers from Redmond leave but certainly come a lot to move the customers to upgrade to the next version of the Office suite. Until then, you can check out the free Office 2016 Preview itself a first impression.

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