WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneck

The "private information" and "public" terms are incompatible. Who but the move does not want to give up important photos, videos and documents, custom cloud storage. WD promises of My Cloud a safe harbor for private data.

With WD My Cloud you have your own cloud storage in the home network and can zufreigen to photos, videos and other files and share them if you are verbuinden to the Internet.

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Private cloud: WD's second attempt

It is not the first time that we take WD's cloud solution under the microscope. While WD My Book Live (tested by Sebastian) but still "unauffäligen" with somewhat more complicated operation and a but came along "functional" appearance, the My Cloud wants more. 2, 3 or 4 Terabytes (permanently installed) memory hidden in a white plastic housing. Still unmistakably an external hard drive, but at least not a gray-black Klotz more besides silver to white Macs on the desktop. Visually pleasant in any case.

Externals and software

WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneckFor connection are USB 3.0 (backwards compatible with USB 2.0) and a Gigabit Ethernet connection. To AC power and a Kensington security slot. Overall, nothing special, but adequate. we can fill the internal hard drive directly from the USB port. Furthermore, as external hard drives with its own power supply or USB flash drives can be connected and also use it as a cloud storage. Unfortunately, this not open the housing and replace the hard drives - at least not to gamble without violence and without the guarantee. Whether via iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac / PC: Access is obtained by using the app My Cloud. You get it from the App Store (for free), or on the websites of WD. *WD My CloudDeveloper: Free

Simple and clear: Cloud Configuration for everyone

The configuration is done from the home network via a web interface. we reach the dashboard on the home network via the URL wdmycloud.local. Easy does it using the small program WD Quick View. The user interface is extremely clear and easy to understand. Here we set up users and shares, with no networking knowledge.

WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneckThe most important information about WD My Cloud Overview.

New folders are configured from home as "public shares". This does not mean that everyone can see it. Only those who logs on with the correct user data to the My Cloud, they can view or edit. However, this is only reasonably secure when each user is assigned a password. If this is not the case, anyone can access with knowledge of the user name on the network to your data.

WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneckEach user has its own rights management. Simple, but effective - either no rights, read only or read and write.

The setting "private sharing" means only see individual user folder. Which determines a small switch. As I said - easy everything.

WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneckWhich folder on the hard disk should be accessible for whom?

Access from outside the home network receives only those who enter the correct code. This is generated for each cloud user once and used in the mobile app as an access key. With? We can save the current status of My Cloud (data and settings) "Safe Points". This, however, another hard drive - or more WD My Cloud necessary.

WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneckHere we control who can access from outside the home network to the data.

The connection to the "external" cloud services, we do not have to completely cut with the WD My Cloud. In the mobile app links to Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive are quickly made. Data migration from traditional cloud services for private cloud storage is a breeze. Mac or PC to get through another program (after the establishment of My Cloud now been at least third in the league) or via a web application. This requires Java. 7

Additional Features: Why the cloud is still good

WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneckIf necessary, Time Machine backs also backups on the My Cloud.

So what can you do with the WD My Cloud? Well, aside from the superficial File Sharing, there are a few additional functions. Nice is the ability to act as a Time Machine drive in the WLAN. We can also individually select the media streaming for each folder. So secure music, movies and photos in it sent directly to DLNA-enabled devices. Even with iTunes libraries, the My Cloud can handle. A good thing, you can easily use as a household with multiple computers, tablets or smartphones a central music store.

WD My Cloud: Conclusion - Very good, with cosmetic potential

WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneckUnfortunately in iOS 6 look &# 8211; but otherwise to good use.

A drawback is the design of the iOS application. She remembers in times of iOS 7 still all too strong sixth on the look of the previous version iOS There is needed adjustment. Moreover, the number of necessary tools to manage the local cloud storage. In addition to the mentioned here is also WD SmartWare available - it controls automatic backups, making it especially interesting for PC users. Ultimately, as has a local cloud but not only advantages. The entire user experience, how much fun the cloud go, that depends on a bottleneck: the own Internet connection. Here is the upload speed is not sufficient (in my case only 1 Mbit / s), photographs must first compressed videos are carefully selected according to size. In all safety concerns associated with the redirecting of their own data on Dropbox, Google Drive and other US companies: the comfort of fast access the data from anywhere you are when the own upstream is not fast enough. Bearing this in mind and is equipped with sufficient bandwidth for uploads, the WD My Cloud is a very fine thing. Once you have figured out what software you really need, the operation is easy. She has even improved over the WD My Book Live, is easier to use and well suited for beginners. The WD My Cloud is available in three memory sizes now: WD My Cloud 2TB: 132 euros on Amazon *WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneck WD My Cloud 3TB: 165 euros on Amazon *WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneck WD My Cloud 4 TB: 223 euros on Amazon *WD My Cloud in the test Private Cloud with bottleneck advantages + Ease of use + iTunes Media Server, Time Machine support USB 3.0 + disadvantage &# 8211; Quite a lot of different software &# 8211; could be key

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