DVB-T2 HD costs and frequencies: Tips on television with freenet TV

The successor standard DVB-T has started: In the terrestrial transmission DVB-T2 HD comes to the fore. DVB-T2 HD with the HEVC standard (High Efficiency Video Coding) brings Terrestrial HD quality on domestic screens. Read below, which causes cost DVB-T2 HD and will be sent on which frequencies.

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67703What is DVB-T2?

Just in time for the European Football Championship 2016 DVB-T2 HD was launched and is to provide an alternative to cable TV or satellite channels with up to 60 channels. Send Which DVB-T2 channels in HD quality, we have explained to you elsewhere. What the new standard will cost and what frequencies it proves you read below.

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53532What is DVB-T2 HD?

After the launch of DVB-T2 HD new products in the form of receivers are always *DVB-T2 HD costs and frequencies: Tips on television with freenet TVand TVs *DVB-T2 HD costs and frequencies: Tips on television with freenet TVdumped on the market. Soon you perhaps can also received with your smart phone DVB-T2 HD. The app of the WDR and the Institute of Radio Technology will be presented at the IFA 2016th You should bring the high-resolution program of the TV stations on your Android device. However, this requires a dongle *DVB-T2 HD costs and frequencies: Tips on television with freenet TV, which is connected to your device. Running DVB-T2 HD directly, an update of the software may be needed to support the H.265 standard. If the app will be available definitely on the Play store, but is not yet clear. (Source: irt.de)

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DVB-T2 HD costs at a glance

A razor sharp image with HD channels via antenna television guarantee you next year after the DVB-T disengagement only a new DVB-T2 HD receivers *DVB-T2 HD costs and frequencies: Tips on television with freenet TV and an HD TV *DVB-T2 HD costs and frequencies: Tips on television with freenet TV. what costs for DVB-T2 on you, you can see in the following table:

Public Legalcommercial station
already receivable
  • ARD HD
  • ZDF HD
  • RTL HD
  • ProSieben HD
  • VOX HD
  • Sat.1 HD
Conditions for reception
  • DVB-T2 HD TV or receiver
  • old TV set retrofitted with set-top box (about 20 euros)
  • Room, roof, or external antenna (10/30 Euro)
  • DVB-T2 HD TV or receiver
  • old TV set retrofitted with set-top box (about 20 euros)
  • Room, roof, or external antenna (10/30 Euro)
  • from July 2017 subscription with freenet TV*
  • TV Common Access Module together with Smart Card *DVB-T2 HD costs and frequencies: Tips on television with freenet TV (About 80 euros) or alternatively receiver with built-in CI + module from 70 €
DVB-T2 HD cost of receiving
  • covered by the license fee
  • 69 euros per year or 5.75 euros per month

As part of the transition to DVB-T2 HD will follow in March 2017 to more stations. Depending on reception and signal strength, an antenna can be useful. Here, the indoor antenna is the cheaper option, it is to have from 10 euros. Since the private stations have to be deciphered from July 2017 you need the appropriate decryption module. This can be plugged into suitable receivers and TV sets, but the cost of freenet TV * Module and smart card amount to about 80 euros. A receiver who has installed the decryption module is for around 70 euro available. You can, for example, for Xoro 8720 set *DVB-T2 HD costs and frequencies: Tips on television with freenet TVaccess, in addition to the full-HD receiver also includes an active antenna and can decrypt the German standard HEVC / H.265.

freenet_TV DVB-T2 receiverSource: Xoro * via Amazon *

DVB-T2 cost of terristrischen HD television with freenet TV

From what you can receive in Germany DVB-T2 HD, we tell you at the link. First DVB-T2 HD only in selected regions (larger cities) is available. With DVB-T2 HD, the program is transmitted with more pixels and a higher frame rate. But the so-called second generation of the new transmission standards with better quality for free?

  • The public broadcasters there is also via DVB-T2 in HD resolution &# 8220;free&# 8220 ;. This means that no additional costs because of the contribution for the reception of TV channels financed (formerly called GEZ) on budgetary discharge.
  • The service provider who transmits to you the private channels on your TV, is in Germany freenet TV*. After a free trial period is the reception of the Private channels in HD quality with costs. From July 1, 2017 Channels like ProSieben, RTL, Sat.1 or cables are then transmitted encrypted one exclusively and cause monthly fees similar to HD + via satellite. Then will you see the service of RTL and ProSiebenSat.1 group, you have to 69 euros per year, so about 5.75 euros a month pay (Source: freenet.tv)
  • The precondition for the receipt of private broadcasters is a CI slot for CI + module of freenet TV *DVB-T2 HD costs and frequencies: Tips on television with freenet TV.

DVB-T2 HD received with the receiver Xoro*

There remains the question of whether the freenet TV costs incurred per device or household. Here we have to disappoint bargain hunters unfortunately:

Will you continue to receive your television, including commercial station with the antenna freenet TV cost per unit incurred.

Conclusion and alternative to the DVB-T2 HD Returns

Does it look more TV or want to watch television on the Internet, worth a transition to IP TV and streaming providers like Zattoo or Magine TV considering. You have up to 5 devices to stream the TV program of the HD channels starting at about 5 euros. More about the packages and prices you are experiencing in our article Magine TV: Cost and payment methods at a glance. If you opt for the introduction to the freenet TV subscription, you can cancel in writing at the end of the month with a notice period of two calendar weeks.

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We show you elsewhere in more detail how you can continue to use terrestrial television.

The Green Bundestag member Tabea Rößner finds the price for DVB-T2 HD inappropriate:

&# 8220; Certainly this technology will cost private broadcasters money &# 8211; financed television the annual fee of 69 euros will but then quite high. In addition, covering the spectators nor costs for television, decryption technology and receiver.&# 8221;

And indeed, you can not simply usually install the new tuner in your Smart TV and your old DVB-T receiver can the new Codec HEVC / H.265 not decrypt. Lest us what should note it when buying a DVB-T2 receiver.

Not only private users of the new television have yet to get used to the transition to HD reception:

DVB-T2 HD frequencies

As of March 29, 2017 you receive more programs of ARD than before on digital terrestrial television. Also, send the ARD and all their Affiliate programs first time in Full HD (1080p50):

  • The first
  • ONE (formerly EinsFestival)
  • tagesschau 24
  • 3sat
  • ARTE
  • KiKA
  • Phoenix

Depending on the state up to seven additional programs are offered. (Source: presseportal.de)

RTL fault DVB-T2 TVOn the DVB-T2 frequencies it receives football but also other programs on the TV stations.

With the DVB-T disengagement and the auction of frequencies in the 700 MHz block by the mobile operators must be rescheduled. The radio-frequency block to be awarded in this area and it must be re-set 49-60 channels. Already in 2015 the frequencies in the mobile broadband auction after 16 days between the Vodafone GmbH, Deutsche Telekom Germany GmbH and Telefónica Germany GmbH were & Co. OHG split (Source: bundesnetzagentur.de). For DVB-T2 the frequency ranges are from 470-690 MHz reserved. From 2017, there is then DVB-T LTE in the frequency range 700 MHz to receive DVB-T2 HD antenna. The current ARD, ZDF and RTL-rate you see on the website of TechniSat.

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