Is eBay Classifieds free? Here you learn it

eBay Classifieds has grown to become one of the most popular online platforms in order to sell used goods or cheap to buy. We find out whether you have to pay for the services or whether eBay Classifieds is really free.

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The online portal eBay Classifieds advertises with the slogan "Free, easy, local". Users can log in after registration and free give bids, sell things or respond to ads. is completely free eBay Classifieds does not. We explain the details.

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Is eBay Classifieds free?

According to the user conditions of the platform "to use the eBay classifieds site basically free" is. Specifically, this means for you: When you sign up to get rid of your things or buying something fall basically no costs &# 8211; regardless of whether the purchase / sale into being does not come or. Unlike the regular eBay is eBay Classified as no sales commission payable.

  • What, however, is on eBay Classifieds are certain amenities, so optional features, which you can book this on request. For these services, eBay charges fees then.
  • With these additional benefits you can, for example, the text of a display highlight color, place the bid on the home page or place the display in a category of your choice.
  • This means that more potential buyers are then attention to the display &# 8211; the fee so it can be worthwhile.
  • Before you take such a chargeable service to complete, you will but in any case notified and must only agree. So there no hidden costs.
That being said there are a few exceptional cases in which costs are incurred, such as the sale of real estate or if you exceed 50 ads per month. All details can be found in the article eBay Classifieds: costs and fees at a glance.

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eBay Classifieds for private users largely free

With the fee from the 51st display eBay wants to prevent Ads bulk, and that the platform is still used mainly by private individuals make. In the past, the platform has been increasingly used by commercial suppliers, some of which switched multiple displays, so the offers appeared high up as possible. This is exactly what should not happen. The average private user of eBay Classifieds will not affect the fee &# 8211; In this case, the buying and selling on eBay Classifieds apart from the optional features completely free.

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