Conan Exiles: iron and coal (For map with all localities)

After you survived in Conan Exiles the first few hours, you need iron and coal later. This can you stronger weapons and equipment to craft. Where her iron and coal will, we tell you in this guide to Conan Exiles and show you the discovery sites on a map.

particularly with iron provides her a lot in Conan Exiles. You can this material to iron bars and then processed into iron reinforcements. Are you at some point so far so that their tall buildings builds, you have to think about iron reinforcements. In this article Conan Exiles but we want to provide not only information for players in the end game. Primarily represent and we will show you, where her iron and coal will.

in the video &# 8211; so you build in Conan Exiles:

30269Conan Exiles: Build in the World of Conan

Conan Exiles: Why will find iron and coal?

Iron and coal resources that you will not need to start. First and foremost, it is important to gather stones and wood. Our advice to Conan Exiles you will find more hints and tricks to start in Survival. coal is especially important if you want to melt down metals. So to process iron in iron ingots, you need Coal to light the fire.

Conan - The Barbarian borrow now and Watch*

later steel bars that you need iron to improve equipment, weapons and buildings. In the following map we show you all Locations of iron and carbon. But before you make yourselves on your trip, you should consider the following:

  • Take definitely a Iron pickaxe with, if you have the chance to craft you this powerful tool. The better the tool, the more iron and coal will receive her at the end.
  • Arm yourself good, since you on on your journey many dangerous opponents will meet. Best accompanies you a fellow player, it does away with the enemies quickly out of the way.
  • In general, their metal and at higher levels place. Most you discover also the same coal.
Click on the map to enlarge. The turquoise dots are localities of iron, while showing the pink coal deposits. (Map of on the map to enlarge. The turquoise dots are localities of iron, while showing the pink coal deposits. (Map of, editing: GIGA)

produced iron bars, steel bars and steel reinforcement

With iron and coal you can do a lot and especially your in Conan Exiles strengthen weapons and equipment. In order to survive in the game is much easier. First, required her iron. Do you build the material from, you will Eisenstein but get colloquially we call it in this article &# 8220; iron&# 8221 ;. Will you now produced therefrom iron bars, needed her the following:

  • Build you a Oven.
  • Fired him coal and places 2x Eisenstein into it.
  • After a while you have a Iron ingot.
Expanding its iron with a better pick from, you get more of the scarce resource.Expanding its iron with a better pick from, you get more of the scarce resource.

In order now steel to get, you have again cheer the oven &# 8211; again best with coal. adds now 1x steel fire and 5x Iron Bar added to 1x steel ingots. Steel fire get their way, if their sulfur and tar, together with a fuel in the Fire bowls boilers shipyard. Will you still steel reinforcements produce, you need a Wrought Bank:

  • 2x steel ingot gives 1x steel reinforcement.

steel reinforcement but really needed until later in the game, so for example, if you want to build a safe or a large Folterrad. Until you arrived here, you should explore and build you a base the world.


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