Chess in Facebook Messenger: @ All fbchess commands for control at a glance

A little tip for chess enthusiasts among our readers: Who between love is measured by time with friends in the puzzle game can do in Facebook Messenger thanks to a Easter Eggs. Using a quick command a chess game can be started anytime. We show how to control them.

Chess in Facebook Messenger: @ All fbchess commands for control at a glance

The command @chess play in the respective chat a lot with the chat partner can be started - that works both in the app and in the web version. The control is not too comfortable here, you have to enter via text window as a command line his features in English notation. Still, a nice opportunity - apart from the usual chat bubbling - intellectually to measure time with his friends and an indication of how Facebook in the future to outfit its Messenger service and will walk into a platform.

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Chess in Facebook Messenger: All commands

  • All commands start with @fbchess
  • @fbchess help: Display help
  • Start game with random colors: @fbchess play
  • Game with a certain color start: @fbchess play white or black
  • Opponents choose: @fbchess play white John
  • Enter notation for drawing Algebraic, so for example,
    @fbchess e4 or @fbchess Pe4: farmers (pawn) move e4
  • @fbchess NBD2: Springer (Knight) from the B-line to move d2
  • @fbchess B2xc5: hit with the farmers on the B-turn c5
  • transform farmers into a queen (queen): @fbchess e8 = Q
  • @fbchess 0-0-0 or @fbchess O-O for short or long castling, both zeros and the letter "O" are possible
  • @fbchess draw claimsoft: apply draw, after about a repetition of moves
  • @fbchess draw offer: offer draw
  • offer redemption of the last opponent's turn: @fbchess undo
  • @fbchess resign: abandon game
  • @fbchess show: Show current game
  • @fbchess stats: Statistics show the current opponents
  • continue game from a different conversation: @fbchess continue
  • @fbchess continue with [friend]: Switch to end with its respective opponents
  • continue part with the respective group: @fbchess continue from [thread name]

Chess in Facebook Messenger: English initials of the figures

  • K: King (King)
  • Q: Lady (Queen)
  • R: Tower (Rook)
  • B: rotor (Bishop)
  • N / Kt: Springer (Knight)
  • P: Bauer (Pawn) - shortcuts can usually be omitted

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