Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise

What is the capacity of Daniela Katzenberger? The cult blonde Daniela Katzenberger is known for her quick wit and of course her appearance with long blond synthetic hair. The phenomenon to Germany's most famous blonde is incomprehensible to many, yet calculations were plain. Nevertheless, the cat appears to many authentic and runs seemingly carefree through life. Read below the practical guide of what you, should know their marketing strategy and their success over the assets of Daniela Katzenberger.

Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise

The former nude model and the current actress, restaurateur and art figure of trash TV divides the nation: Some like their naturalness and that she wears her heart on her sleeve, the other can not understand the marketing mania. The 29-year-old has blossomed from a beautician most famous blonde of Germany, who married her dream man Lucas and is the proud mother of little Sophia. But as it has done that so far and how high their wealth really is?

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Daniela Katzenberger career: The dream of many girls

It all started with her TV appearance on the show, up and away - My Diary abroad, which aired in 2009. After that Daniela Katzenberger had numerous other television appearances, including the VOX show Goodbye Germany, was shown in how they flew to Mallorca in 2010 to open a café. They became because of their eye-catching looks and their creative and witty sayings for reality star and got her own TV series (more on this later). The wedding of Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis on RTL 2 on 4 June 2016 have been following more than two million viewers.

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And also how the cat has reached its dream figure for her big day with Lucas Cordalis, the fans interested dazzling. Daniela Katzenberger has here to rely on the body-change program to lose pounds. For more information about Katzenberger diet we have summarized for you elsewhere.

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So popular is Daniela Katzenberger (as of 14/06/2016):

  • 17,087 YouTube subscribers and nearly 4 million total views of their videos
  • 2,371,585 Facebook fans
  • on Twitter the cat has 89,300 followers


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Daniela Katzenberger: So much money is in their bodies

The cat owes her career and her appearance. The cat is to their operations, leaving, for example, perform their boob in front of cameras. The chest grew on both sides by 350 grams of silicone. But how much is her body?

In the book Be smart, stand stupid *Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise airs it the open secret:

&# 8220; A breast I paid that cost 2,500 euros. The other has taken the doctor because I accompanied a Vox camera team in the operating room. Nails 50 to 60 euros. The permanent make-up for the eyebrows: 300 euros. The permanent eyelashes with extension: 200 euros. Hair color, prolong: 500 euros. This is around 6000 euros. Not so expensive. Everything else on my body is real.&# 8221;

Assets of Daniela Katzenberger - how high is it really?

The assets of Daniela Katzenberger can only be estimated. The millionaire sums it accordingly to around 3 million euros. Her husband Lucas Cordalis should go some way to common asset: As a producer, songwriter and with its own record label SUPERSONIC ENTERTAINMENT Mallorca should be provided for the young family in the future. Especially Daniela Katzenberger emphasizes claims to again and again to be a penny pincher.

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Where does the power of Daniela Katzenberger?

The sources of income of the lively blonde are as diverse as they are. To earn their wealth, Daniela Katzenberger has demonstrated creativity. We provide you below some sources of income before:

  • marketing & Merchandise: All products are now bearing the pink logo with the curved K and the silhouette of a cat. Whether shoes, perfume series *Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise, Clothing to Baby Body, Bottle, Kuschelhase, Cases for iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5 - it is marketed all that could buy their fans. So four coasters for 26 euros offered on the website of their Spreadshirt collection ever. Since 2012, the cat also has its own shoe collection. Meanwhile, there are also headgear of their purchase, because it cooperates with the cap manufacturer LionBrands. Numerous bathroom accessories have been sold to their feline friends, even including the coveted litter box.
Daniela Katzenberger loo by WENKOCat Loo, Cat Loo, yes that makes the fans so happy. The coveted litter of Daniela Katzenberger is a real collector's item. Source: WENKO via Amazon
  • As a former beautician also has its own make-up and nail collection is a must. A collaboration with the cosmetics company LCN bore fruit in the form of makeup, eye shadow, skin care creams, brushes and everything that might be needed for a perfect styling. The trademark rights in the phenomenon Daniela Katzenberger are included with the TV production company 99 pro media. One director is Bernd Schumacher, who has invested 100,000 euros in capital to make the beautician a cult object and its and increase the assets of Daniela Katzenberger.
Daniela Katzenberger perfumeDaniela Katzenberger has published numerous perfume products.
  • The cat has also published an autobiography, of course, more to their success bestseller were thrown on the market.

to book series belong:

  • Be clever act stupid*Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise (October 2011) &# 8211; autobiography
  • Cat kissing cat *Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise (October 2013)
  • A chick is Mama: Nine months on the way to Katzenbaby *Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise (Oct 2015)
  • A chick says &# 8220; Yes!&# 8221 ;: on cat feet to the altar *Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise (June 2016)

The cafe in Mallorca, with the construction of which began in the TV show Goodbye Germany, there are still.

  • The Cafe Katzenberger in Mallorca claims to the &# 8220; blondest café in the world&# 8221; and should have earned monthly beginning approximately 3,000 euros. The restaurant is just a stone's throw from their Katzenberger suite at the Hotel Bahia del Sol in Santa Ponsa. 2015 Cafe Katzenberger but was sold to a hotelier from Usedom and less and less fans get lost in there, because the chance to meet the popular blonde has fallen sharply.
  • But the phenomenon of cafes drives more fruit: you can the success of Daniela Katzenberger reenact itself: In My Café Katzenberger you have to build your own Celebrity Café. The game is available to you as browser game or app to disposal.

The app was not found in the store.The app was not found in the store.

  • Of course, the TV star can also pay for other appearances and autograph sessions: Here it should per appearance about 10,000 to 20,000 euros to earn.
  • The hype surrounding their golden, studded with many stones wedding ring was the reason to create a collection with three different versions of her wedding ring for her fans for the business woman. From 49 euros upwards real Katzenberger pendant can bring a bit of glamor home.

  • Various TV shows accompanied the cat on its successful path. The docu-soap Daniela Katzenberger &# 8211; Naturally blond*Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise flickered from 2010 to 2013 across the screen. Pro series of naturally blonde Daniela Katzenberger said to have earned 15,000 euros. That makes for 64 episodes 960,000 Euro. 2014 there was the variant course, beautiful. Then, accompanied RTL 2, the cult blonde with the reality series Daniela Katzenberger - with Lucas in Babyglück *Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise and of course with Lucas in wedding fever *Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise. is now available with Daniela Katzenberger - With Lucas on Christmas fever a new reality special on the program with which the cat will make the cash registers ring.

A chick is Mama - Bestsellers at Amazon shopping*

  • more TV appearances should continue to have money flushed into the Katzenberger Checkout: You had a guest appearance on Cobra 11 as a zookeeper (follow-dog days) and even the public broadcaster SWR produced with her a German TV film - the clever cat in the lead role: Mistress and Deiwelsmilch is the title. In it she plays a savings bank employees who solve crimes.

The modest blonde bakes still her buns er their cake itself.

  • music: The fact that Daniela Katzenberger is seen in Loonas music video Vamos a la playa, may have had little impact on their assets. 2010 but they released their cover version of Nothing&# 8217; s Gonna Stop Me Now * and landed both in Germany and in Austria 20th among the top on each CD sold to the blonde 10% be involved. The revenue from their cover version should 25,000 € be. There is also a sampler called Legally Blonde *Daniela Katzenberger: assets, career and Merchandise with a music compilation of established artists, which is also marketed under their names.

Daniela Katzenberger ZahnputzbecherKatzenberger Zahnputzbecher Wenko. Source: Amazon
  • Also for commercials conceded the Cat: For the telephone information &# 8220; 118000&# 8243; was to see the blonde end of 2010 on TV - what it 100,000 € gave. For TV advertising Perlweiss her to have been paid 150,000 euros. Since 2011 their promotional contract expires with Poco domain and assures it as regular income. However, the deal with the furniture store captures the blonde at her long Extensions: The advertising contract it must remain true to their type of typical Blondchen and may not even change her hair to her face.
  • But the cat is also different: In United Charity cat auctioned various borne favorite items for a good cause.

To enrich the assets, the marketing machinery is running in case Katzenberger at full speed. You can think of the cult blonde what you want. Critics can also pay a toilet seat, to show that they go the cat's ass over, of course. On the other hand, would thus be that, either money flowed to the young family and the marketing experts. So true: Ignore or jump on the hype.

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