Where can I find OpenOffice 64-bit Windows?

In most modern PCs and laptops 64-bit processors today are installed, even if 32-bit is available in many computers still and certainly for some time will play a role in the IT sector. Microsoft's current operating system, there are eg. As Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. 64-bit systems have a number of advantages over 32-bit, especially in the speed with which for example in the field of multimedia data can be processed. Also can be accessed with 64-bit more than 4 GB of memory.

But there are also disadvantages, so 64-bit programs are often greater than 32-bit programs because the address values ​​of the program files and the space occupied in RAM and other storage are twice the size. This disadvantage is particularly noticeable in small programs. However, most users will naturally prefer to install a 64-bit program as a 32-bit program with a 64-bit system.

OpenOffice 64-bit Linux

Consequently, many Windows 7 users of the free office suite looking for a OpenOffice download 64-bit, or a download from Apache OpenOffice 64-bit how the software is properly since the last ownership change, and are thereby also find it quickly. Indeed, there are quite some time OpenOffice 64-bit Linux. Therefore, most users are somewhat confused when they find no corresponding OpenOffice 64-bit for Windows. After all, Windows is so much more common than Linux and then ought to get more of a 64-bit version than the more used by specialists Linux. And since there is a corresponding Linux version eventually, it seems to be a certain need for a 64-bit version.

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Why is not there OpenOffice 64-bit Windows

To clarify the most important first thing: No, there's really no OpenOffice 64-bit Windows 7 or other versions of Windows, no matter how long you look. This could, however, have to change fast, because at least when competing project LibreOffice is a 64-bit version of Windows planned and in progress. As may well be sufficient to allow Apache OpenOffice follow suit quickly with 64-bit Windows only the pressure of competition. As of today, a 64-bittiges OpenOffice for Windows 7 or other versions of Windows is also not necessary. And for three reasons:

  • 64-bit processors have written above is especially beneficial for very high computing power. But this is hardly to be expected for office software like OpenOffice. To type a text to fill a table of numbers or to create a presentation that may mean a Herculean task for the people, for the computer are the Peanuts, which he can do by the way.
  • 64-bit systems will also provide advantages when files are larger than 4 GB. But no matter how many pages you stuffing with text, tables and graphics: It will hardly be possible to ever create an Office file that actually comes even approximately in this order.
  • Also, the Windows operating system itself is not a problem for a 32-bittiges OpenOffice is. Microsoft ships Windows 7 and all other 64-bit versions of Windows with all 64- and 32-bit libraries. Unlike many a Linux distribution that is why the smooth functioning of 32-bit programs guarantees on a 64-bit Windows.

For these three reasons, one can easily take the (already nonexistent) 64-bit version for Windows download OpenOffice OpenOffice 32-bit for Windows and install it. A need for an OpenOffice 64-bit for Windows, be it Windows 7, Windows 8 or even Windows XP does not exist. Real benefits would be seen as unlikely.

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