use VLC with Chromecast support in VLC 3.0

With VLC Media Player you have the appropriate application to play video content files and almost any format on the PC. Chromecast you have the right accessories to stream movies and videos from the PC to the TV set. This raises the question of whether and how to use VLC with Chromecast.

use VLC with Chromecast support in VLC 3.0

A direct connection of VLC Chromecast is currently not yet possible. Yet there is for owners of the Google HDMI sticks reason to hope that support will soon be filed later. With a small detour also you can already access via VLC videos with Chromecast.

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VLC Chromecast stream soon possible

In the release notes for VLC 3.0 is in addition to various improvements and fixes them an entry &# 8220; Cast Chrome output module&# 8221; to find. This innovation allows us to conclude that videos that are played on VLC can be streamed without detours with Chromecast. The update of VLC on Chromecast support should also use the iOS app and OS X version. Until VLC 3.0 will appear, but some time will pass. Moreover, it is not yet clear is introduced on which platform the Chromecast Support VLC first. Also, Android support is conceivable. Meanwhile, a preliminary version of the VLC media player is appear that reveals at least the beginnings of a Chromecast support. However, this is still vice-setting very spartan. The VLC player recognizes the Chromecast therefore indeed, but can stream any videos to the HDMI stick.

The Chromecast stick can also not be controlled via the familiar icon, special needs through the detour menu &# 8220; Tools renderer Output&# 8221; to be chosen. Who wants to take a look at the functions required by the VLC Nighlty build.


VLC Chromecast: Is there that?

To stream videos directly from the hard disk via the HDMI Stick, free software Plex Media Server can be used. The main menu is behind the "+" - symbol "My library" to manage for the individual media files. Seeks to a corresponding folder on the hard disk from which the video files can be selected for the video stream. Now Plex has first collected all video files for the stream. To bring this now on the TV, you need the Plex extension for the Google Chrome browser. After successful registration, the individual video files can be searched. In the Web view can now be selected all existing videos and sent to Chromecast.

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The detour via the Plex Media Server and the Google Chrome app does not replace the lack of VLC for Chromecast, yet offers an extensive way to easily stream videos from PC to TV via HDMI Google's stick.

use VLC with Chromecast support in VLC 3.0The HDMI Stick Google Chromecast

VLC for Chromecast &# 8211; alternatives

Even with the Google Cast extension for the Google Chrome browser Cast bringing videos via hard drive via Chromecast on the TV screen. Installed this app and connects the PC to the Chromecast device. Now you can easily a video to be taken into the browser and watched on TV.

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