TouchWiz start stopped at the Samsung Galaxy Note, S4 and Co. – Solutions and help

When using a Samsung smartphones, it may happen that an action by the error message "TouchWiz start stop" is interrupted. Here you learn what you can do with this error.

TouchWiz start stopped at the Samsung Galaxy Note, S4 and Co. - Solutions and help

With TouchWiz is Samsung's own user interface for smartphones and tablets. If the error "TouchWiz Start" stopped in, an error message is displayed. "OK" can again be normal continue working with the phone normally, but the regular display is annoying. Here you learn, therefore, what you can do if the Samsung smartphone displays the TouchWiz error.

Currently, the error mainly due to Samsung Galaxy S4 occurs devices that have recently moved into the new April update.

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TouchWiz start stop? This can be done

Rapid fault solution promises a simple restart of the device. There may be a simple software error that is created by a reboot of the world.

TouchWiz start-stop

Often the Samsung App "S Planner" is responsible for the error. Multiplies the occurrence of the error message can be observed especially if you use the S Planner widget on the home screen. Do you want to prevent the problem permanently, you can disable the S Planner.

  1. Controls for this purpose on the settings of the smartphone.
  2. Invokes the application manager and let you see "All installed apps."
  3. Here you will now search the entry S Planner out and select "Disable."
  4. The S Planner is turned off, the error should be corrected.

Alternatively, you can delete at this point already installed updates, data and app's cache. You can find the buttons for these also in the app listing via the Application Manager.

Note that this is the S Planner is a pre-installed app that can not be completely removed without root.

&# 8220; TouchWiz start stopped&# 8221; for Samsung Galaxy update: solutions and support

Can you do without the scheduler S Planner, you have another way to prevent the TouchWiz error. Have you previously been playing around with the phone, it may be that the USB debugging, or the Android developer options have been turned on. To avoid mistakes, you should turn this back. You reach the option for turning off the developer options in the following way:

  1. Opens the device's settings.
  2. You can find "Options", select "Developer options."
  3. Does it here "Off".

TouchWiz start stopped at the Samsung Galaxy Note, S4 and Co. - Solutions and help

Also settings for 'movements and gestures "to the device can lead to TouchWiz start error. Again controls the Android settings and calls to the section "My devices". Here you will find the area 'movements and gestures "in which you can disable the options below. Disable all gestures and checks whether the error logs again.



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