Sony: Xperia X is “unofficially waterproof”

Sony's attitude with respect to the water resistance of its own smartphones takes on strange forms: Although the Japanese manufacturer has also considered the protection from water and dust in the development of the new Xperia X devices, you do not mention it to the user. The alleged reason: For most users, it was already no interest in the purchase decision.

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Sony has within the MWC 2016 not only introduced the new Xperia X devices, but at the same time announced the end of the Xperia Z devices. This is not just a pure name change: while Sony wanted to bring in the Xperia Z series absolute high-end products to the market, the Xperia X devices provide far though quality representative of the smartphone ranks is, but the performance class is rather moderate level and features as well as protection against dust and water account for the new models - that was at least so far, the official wording.

As Sony now revealed to one's colleagues of Android Police, the company has the Xperia X but actually tested for its rugged qualities under water. Accordingly, it was not really a problem for the smartphone to be exposed to splashing or even to survive for a few minutes under water.

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Sony: Customers do not care whether their smartphone is waterproof

Why Sony waived but to an IP certification that would make it clear to the customer that the Xperia X has these qualities? Officially appoints Sony to market research that has shown that an IP certification for most customers when purchasing an appliance is not relevant. but probably also play the problems that have brought the application of the water resistance in older Sony models with a role.

The Xperia Z devices, the manufacturer has been regularly hit by angry customers who had their device for recording used underwater and complain damage after a few weeks. In fact, it may happen that an IP-certified device transmits by exposure to water damage as a result of variations in the quality of the crop and, depending on the purpose well. From advertising Sony has already removed references to the water resistance, so it does not seem unreasonable that one has not even sought the IP certification for the Xperia X to avoid complications.

Source: Android Authority 

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Specifications of the Sony Xperia X: Overview of technical data

display5 inch, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (Full HD), 440 ppi, TRILUMNOS technology with up to 700 candelas
processorSnapdragon 650, hexa-Core, 64-bit
random access memory3 GB
Internal memory32 GB expandable via microSD (up to 200 GB)
camera23 MP, predictive auto focus, f / 2.0
front cameraMP 13, f / 2.0
connectivityGSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA (3G) LTE 4G Cat 6, Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi Miracast, NFC, DLNA, A-GNSS
battery pack2620 mAh
Dimensions69.4 x 142.7 x 7.9 mm
mass153 grams
operating systemAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
To dyeWhite, Graphite Black, Lime Gold, rose gold
particularitiesFingerprint scanners, front speakers

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