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With the Raspberry Pi it has a small and cheap, but not to be underestimated mini computer. Do you buy you a fresh Raspberry Pi, the unit usually comes without operating system.

Especially for Raspberry Pi, the Debian Linux distribution has been adjusted. Here you will find the Raspberry Pi operating system Raspbian Wheezy for download. The mini-PC uses an ARM processor. Therefore, it is necessary to set up the operating system that this technology is supported. Also available in Raspberry Pi connections must be controlled and detected.

Download operating system for Raspberry Pi: Raspbian wheezy

In Raspbian wheezy is the official version of Linux for the mini-computer. The OS comes with a graphical user interface and also provides an integrated browser (see also: Raspberry Pi: Wireless Setup - Here's). Furthermore, the Raspberry Pi operating system with USB drivers and HDMI drivers is provided.

  • graphical interface
  • USB drivers
  • HDMI driver
  • package management

The built-in package management allows easy installation of new software on the Raspberry Pi.


Install operating system for Raspberry Pi: Raspbian wheezy

  1. Download Raspbian wheezy
  2. unpack ZIP file on the PC
  3. Win32DiskImager and SD card are needed
  4. About "Image File" in Win32DiskImager Raspbian Mount Image
  5. install image file on an SD card
  6. SD card Raspberry Pi stuck
  7. connect keyboard and screen with Raspberry Pi
  8. Installation is automatically executed
  9. After initial setup, select "expand filesystem"
  10. With "Internationalization Options" -> ask "Change Keyboard Layout" keyboard in German
  11. set to "en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8" "Change Locale."
  12. About "Advanced Options" >> activate "SSH"
  13. restart Raspberry Pi
  14. Standard Login: Name: Password raspberry pi
  15. With command "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade "Raspberry Pi update

After installing the Raspberry Pi operating system can be accessed via the command "startx" in the console the graphical interface. Puts her a new SD card, can be install a new operating system on the mini-PC.

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