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Personnel FTP Server is free for personal use and starts a password-protected FTP server on a Windows machine.

There are many useful reasons to own FTP server. So you can make about the server home run to always have access from outside to critical files. Of the Personal FTP Server Free Download can start you in a few simple clicks as an FTP server. For Home, the program is free. For commercial use you must purchase the Pro version from the manufacturer. This comes with additional features and is available in an encrypted SSL version.

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Setting Personal FTP Server Free

After installation, you can start immediately and use the Personal FTP Server Free. He starts immediately and shows you also equal to the IP address under which you can call it in a browser or FTP program already. However, no one even comes with no registered user on the server.

Personal FTP Server Free usersIn Personal FTP Server Free Your first have to create users

So in the user management Your first sets to a user who can log in with a username and password. In addition, your sets, it can access that file paths (including subfolders) and what rights he has there. Alternatively, it is also possible to allow an anonymous login and to let everyone on the server.

The IP displayed now can you directly - for example, as &# 8211; Enter into the address bar of the browser. Or you carry the data in an FTP program. In both cases, your access gets the shared paths.

To get from the outside on the FTP server, you have in your router if necessary. Still a port redirection start.

Personal FTP Server Free Special Features

Runs on a home PC, a program such as the Personal FTP server, security is extremely important. Did the criminal subjects once got wind, they try deliberately breaking into the server. For this reason, personal FTP server provides some built-in security measures. This begins with the fact that their specific IPs can specifically exclude from access.

Personal FTP Server-FreePersonal FTP Server Free provides protection against hackers

In addition, you can activate force attack protection against a brute. To prevent infection of the computer, you can also exclude certain file types. This is particularly important in the Pro version of the Personal FTP server because the permits to launch files under certain conditions.


  • Easy to configure
  • Good security features
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