“No valid IP configuration” in network connection: Solutions and help

When setting up a home network and trying to connect to the Internet, it can always come back to problems. One problem is often accompanied by the message "Not a valid IP configuration". Here you learn what to do about the problem.

Our video shows what you can do with any valid IP configuration:
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The error message may occur in different variations such. As with the following messages:

  • "Wireless Network Connection does not have a valid IP configuration".
  • "Ethernet has no valid IP configuration".
  • "Wi-Fi has no valid IP configuration".

Blame a wrongly configured network can be. As you check your network settings, you can see in our Photogallery:

Start Photogallery(8 pictures)Check network settings in Windows: frame by frame

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"No valid IP configuration": Problems with Internet connection

  • Often it helps already, turn off the router when problems arise and restart.
  • Also a PC reboot may help eliminate temporary network problems.
  • Should you a DLAN have established that devolo devices take from the wall outlet and closes again.
  • In addition, you should make sure that the drivers for the network card to date are located.

"No valid IP configuration" in network connection: Solutions and help

a defective router may be responsible for connection problems.

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"No valid IP configuration": This can be done

  • the driver may have been incorrectly installed on Windows or damaged by an incomplete update.
  • Faulty driver can delete it from the Control Panel in Device Manager. There opens the "Network Adapters" section and uninstalled all affected drivers. New drivers are installed automatically added from Windows.
  • In addition, conflicts with the IP address to ensure that "no valid IP configuration" is displayed.
  • To check these settings, click the right mouse button on the network icon in the lower right of the taskbar.
  • Selected here in the "Network", the "Sharing Center" from.
  • Click with the right mouse button on the entry "Ethernet" and opens from the context menu, select "Properties".
  • The IP address and DNS address should be obtained automatically each among the entries for the Internet protocols. If this is not the case, the setting changes accordingly.


If the problem is still not resolved, possibly the network card is defective. Will The Internet connection through the router to another system or PC to produce. If the connection elsewhere can be produced without problems, the network card in the PC exchanges with the invalid IP configuration.


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