Loot for the world: The YouTube Charity stream goes into the fourth round

For those in need! For the kids! And above all, for the puppies! YouTube&# 8217; s Fun collective gambles for three days for a good cause.

From 3 to 5 November, many known YouTuber come together again to playing together for a good cause. The announcement trailer to released on Friday.

A really cool action! Here you can find excitement you before:

On November 14, 2014, the YouTuber Lefloid first launched the "Loot for the World" -Stream on Twitch. With YouTubers like Space Frogs, RobBubble and many others she entertained the fans for 30 hours. Then they delivered the complete accepting donations of their fans nonprofit organizations wünschdirwas e. V., Hänsel + Gretel Foundation and Fatigatio e. V .. The donation amounted at the end of 31,500 euros.

The action was so successful that Lefloid she organized in the next few years repeatedly, with increasing profits. So 2015 was collected 76,000 euros with additional T-shirt sales and 2016 even 170,000 euros. No wonder then that the power entertainers this year the fourth round to announce - and also ask the room if they can offer their record over again.

YouTube has long since replaced the television. Otherwise, this many clicks can not explain:

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This year, the total revenue to SOS Children's Villages, the board and go to the animal shelter Berlin. Among the collaborators this time include YouTuber as PietSmiet, The Spandau Inferno, DNER, Robert Hofmann and many others. What do you think? Are you in November as a spectator and donors here with? And what do you say to all the action? Have your say!


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