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The company Google Inc. is known for the eponymous search engine. The company owns many other products and services such as Youtube, Chrome or the pixel smartphones. Google has more than 70 offices in over 40 countries - we have picked out the most important locations for you.

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Global headquarters of Google Inc. in Mountain View

The headquarters of the company Google Inc. is in Mountain View, Santa Clara County (California, USA). Geographically, the city in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also part of the Silicon Valley, an area that is known for its high density of IT companies. Even Apple, IBM, Adobe, eBay, Facebook, Amazon and many other companies have a location in the area and have even been founded in part there.

The headquarters of Google Inc. in Mountain View, California. (Source: Google)The headquarters of Google Inc. in Mountain View, California. (Source: Google)

The address of the "Googleplex", such as Google calls its headquarters, is:

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheater Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: +1 650-253-0000

Lounge area on the Google campus in Mountain View. (Source: Google)Lounge area on the Google campus in Mountain View. (Source: Google)Start Photogallery(10 images)Top 10: The best camera smartphones

Where Google was founded

Google was headquarters are located not always in Mountain View. It all started in 1998 in the garage of Susan Wojcicki in the Santa Margarita Avenue, Menlo Park, California.
A picture of the garage can be found here. More about the inventors of Google you learn here: Who founded Google? These are the inventors.

Google sites in Germany

Google maintains in Germany sales offices under the name Google Germany GmbH, a subsidiary of the US Founded in 2001, Google Inc.
These are the Google addresses in the three largest cities in Germany:

Google Berlin

Google Germany GmbH
Unter den Linden 14
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 303986300
Fax: +49 30 69088154

Google Hamburg

Google Germany GmbH
ABC-Strasse 19
20354 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40-80-81-79-000
Fax: +49 40-4921-9194

Google Munich

Google Germany GmbH
Erika-Mann-Strasse 33
80636 München

What makes Google in Germany?

In Munich, an important contribution to the development of Google's Chrome browser, for example, done. Other topics include the password manager or building blocks in terms of privacy and data security. The developments in Germany then come into Google products used worldwide.

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