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OCam Download brings you a free tool for recording screen videos and screenshots on the computer, which can come up with a simple operation and a number of useful options.

With the Ocam download gets her a tool that lets you record videos directly from the desktop and make screenshots can. To you, the program under a clear interface all major controls are available. Sun can be found in the toolbar buttons for recording the screen, screenshots and for the sizing of the receiving area (which is always visible and can be enlarged also directly reduced and will move with the cross in the middle). Furthermore, you can also set to be used for recording codec on the toolbar. The recording function lets you choose whether you want to record the screen with or without sound. The screen shot with the Ocam download can be paused at any time and the screen cutout also be moved during recording.

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OCam Download: The settings

In the options of Ocam Downloads you can still make various settings. So you can determine whether the mouse cursor is taken up at a screen capture. Likewise, you can specify the image format to be stored in which captured screenshots, where, besides PNG and JPG, GIF and BMP are supported. It is also possible to configure the video and audio quality of the recording function and to determine that watermark to be inserted into the seats.

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