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The iTunes download is the first port of call when it comes to media, for. synchronize as videos, music and photos from your own computer and iOS device. So as to obtain access to the content on the iPhone, you must first connect to the PC it with iTunes.

Once you connect your iOS device via iTunes with your computer, you can transfer their music collection on the iPhone or consult with the integrated camera shot photos on the computer. In addition, one has come up with a backup in case of malfunctions of the device according to the created in iTunes backups of the iPhone. After connecting iPhone and computer iTunes opens automatically in the preferences. In addition, the battery of the iOS device will automatically be loaded via the USB port.

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connect iPhone via USB with iTunes

So you can make the connection between the PC or Mac and iPhone via iTunes:

  1. To connect the iPhone with iTunes to connect the iPhone with the included USB cable to the PC and open the program ranges.
  2. If you connect to a new iPhone to iTunes, iTunes recognizes this automatically as a new device.
  3. iTunes connects with active Internet connection to Apple's servers and checks to see if the iPhone firmware is up to date.
  4. If not, you have the option to download the firmware directly into iTunes and install it on the connected iPhone.
  5. Following the successful joining of iTunes and iPhone can configure personal settings and set up your iOS device to your wishes via iTunes. The iPhone is then displayed in the left sidebar.
iTunes iPhone connect screenshotAfter connecting the iPhone with iTunes, the device appears in the left sidebar

By clicking on the iPhone in the sidebar, you can get information on the iPhone, and create backups and create music and other media content via synchronization on the iPhone. iTunes iPhone connect to WLAN Screenshot

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Connect iTunes and iPhone wirelessly to your PC

The iPhone can be connected having to connect directly to the PC without it with iTunes. For this, open the settings on the iPhone and select the "General" section. Here you can set with the option "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync" that the iPhone will wirelessly sync with iTunes when both devices are connected together in a wireless network.

By connecting iPhone without iTunes with your computer, you can only access the photo library on your iOS device. At the same time the battery is charging. However, to control the device and z. to install as new apps, the detour via iTunes to be taken after the connection to the PC.

Connect iTunes and iPhone is not working

If the iPhone does not appear after connecting to the computer in iTunes, there are several solutions to make the iPhone will again successfully connected to the PC such. For example, by choosing a different USB slot or check the iTunes add-on applications, such as the "Apple Mobile Device".