Reduce JPG images: So it works quickly and easily

The JPG format has become one of the most common formats for images on the computer. Many digital cameras use JPG for saving the picture. If you have shot images diligently on vacation and want them on a USB stickMove to the hard drive or it can quickly lead to problems if the space is no longer sufficient. In this case, you should reduce the JPG images.

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Also for sending emails or providing the photos to images portals on the Internet is shrinking the images on the PC is.

In our step-by-step instructions you learn how you can resize images quickly and easily, to save space and get the file size for sending small:

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jpg-image-DecreaseJPG images smaller and save space

Without much effort you can resize JPG images by her paint, the preinstalled image editing application on Windows uses. Opens consult the relevant image in Paint. Want to reduce their the visible image, to select the "Select" tool in the toolbar. Draws a rectangle around the neckline, to want to keep her and presses the "Crop" icon next to the "Select" tool. Thus, individual JPG images can be resized and bring to a desired level. Will you, however, the display window does not change and only the file size of JPG images smaller, you choose in the Paint "Resize" function. In the new window it sets a lower percentage and reduces the image z. B. 50% of the original size. After saving the image should now use less memory.

Several JPG images smaller

If you have multiple JPG images, the manual zoom designed very cumbersome. For reducing the file size of multiple files, therefore, the free image editing software IrfanView is. After opening IrfanView you choose from the menu "File" the "Batch Conversion / Rename" function. In the new window you choose all the JPG images that are to be made smaller, out. Using the button next to the option "Batch conversion" can choose her a "target format" for the compressed images. Of course you can leave here and select "JPG". you come now to the actual function under the "Options" button in order to reduce JPG images. Provides means of sliders which QualiƤt the new images. The following applies: The lower the quality, the less memory consumption. Of course, you should not downregulate too far the quality, after all the images are to remain visible. now confirmed with "OK", sets the hook with "special options active" and click on "Set". Now you get the result of your reduced photos in JPG format. These are displayed in the previously specified destination folder of IrfanView.

Even more features are available with top image editing software for the best price:

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Free tool to Shrink JPEG images

Another useful and especially free tool with which you can resize images her JPEG, bears the name of entertaining the grandiose image downsizer. After installation, it opens the application and selects where the folder is stored in which your images. On the right side you can set the desired resolution and thereby make by own measurements or select from pre-moderation. In addition, you can set whether the aspect ratio should be maintained in order to avoid an ugly formatting. In addition to the downsizing of the JPG image you can adjust the image quality, so as to save additional space. Give a name for the destination folder with the edited files and clicks &# 8220; Go&# 8217; s&# 8221 ;. As a result, you get the reduced images in JPEG format in the specified directory. The original images remain unaffected.

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