Jane the Virgin Season 3: Will the mother lose her virginity?

The second season of the dramedy series ended with a cliffhanger stark. The sworn virgin and accidentally artificially fertilized Jane (Gina Rodriguez) should now really happy with baby Mateo and husband Michael (Brett Dier) live, but everything is different than planned. What's next in Jane the Virgin Season 3 and when we can expect to broadcast on German television, learn it here.

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In August ran &# 8220; Chapter Forty-four&# 8221; leaving the season finale of Season 2 in German Free-TV on sixx, which fans of the series with some questions &# 8211; as it should be but yes also heard an adaptation of a telenovela. The third season of Jane the Virgin is in the US is now on October 17, 2016 started on The CW.

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 &# 8211; When is the Germany-start?

In the US, the third season of Jane the Virgin has started on 17 October 2016th The previous seasons have been launched in the US ever in October.

So far, sixx has made yet announced any official launch date for Jane the Virgin in German Free-TV. Since Season 1 and 2 are launched in June or July of the following year in Germany, but you can do a similar presumption for the third season of Dramady series. According to our estimates should Jane the Virgin Season 3 at the latest in July 2017 be featured on sixx.

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What's next in Season 3? (Spoiler!)

Michael and Jane to have been meant for each other, but no one had expected Rose (Bridget Regan) secret identity. Michael has not yet made his last breath, that's for sure.

In addition to the re increasingly problematic circumstances, which is confronted Jane, but can be seen at the end of the tunnel a little light. How Showrunnnerin Jennie Snyder Urman told colleagues of Deadline in an interview, the series title is in fact no longer apply as from the second half of season: The &Virgin; # 8220&# 8221; Namely finally be deleted.

If Jane is married, she will lose her virginity. From this point we will take (literally) a stroke &# 8211; The title will continue to be Jane the Virgin and you will see a line defined by the word &Virgin; # 8216&8217; will go.


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