Fallout 4: X6-88 Guide – Increase Site and relationship

As ice-cold runner of the Institute, the synth X6-88 you join as a companion in Fallout 4th He makes volatile synths of the Institute identify and return them, if need be by force, back again. We show you how you can recruit the robot companion and increases the relationship with him.

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is equipped with advanced technology X6-88 an invaluable Companions in Fallout 4th With him at your side have to succeed her chances. We show you where to find it and how you get your increase relationship to him quickly can. We also give you guides to the other companions in Fallout 4:

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Fallout 4: X6-88 Guide - so you find him

X6-88 will not meet her before you were in the institute. So follow the main quest until you hit the father of the institute and you have joined the organization. He then sends you to your first quest Synth retention, when shall catch her a Synth. For this to meet up with a runner on site, X6-88.

Here you can X6-88 already in action. Before her but him recruit as a companion can, you have to have the Institute quests The Battle of Bunker Hill and redefined humanity to lock. Following her X6-88 can select as an optional companion.

X6-88 proves its usefulness especially in combat.X6-88 proves its usefulness especially in combat.

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X6-88 strengths and weaknesses

As Runner X6-88 was built for the fight, bringing his skills overflows. He can already feel and will notify you accordingly still distant enemies. He also caused his Institute rifle neatly energy damage among the opponents. Significant weaknesses he has none.

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increase X6-88 relationship: likes and dislikes

With empathy and empathy has X6-88 not so. so you should act in his company always focused on the mission objective and act stubbornly. Preferably without violence, because that impressed him even more.

Helpfulness and selflessness the synth does not look like, because it's in his eyes only unnecessary waste of time in meeting the objectives of the Institute.

An overview of the positive and negative effects of specific individual actions you see below.

actionImpact on the relationship
Chem dependencyfallout-4-negative
use Chemsfallout-4-negative
donate an itemfallout-4-negative
go into a power armorfallout-4-positive
Go into a vertibirdfallout-4-negative
hack a computer terminalfallout-4-positive
heal Dogmeatfallout-4-negative
modify Armorfallout-4-positive
modify weaponfallout-4-positive
Successful persuasion for more Capsulesfallout-4-positive
running around without clothesfallout-4-negative

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Romance with X6-88?

At a romance is not interested X6-88. Also, there are no companion Quest. You can bring to the maximum your relationship with the synth only through positive actions and conversations.

Do you have the maximum level reached relationship with X6-88, you will receive as a reward following Skill:

  • Shield Harmonics: +20 you get to your energy resistance.

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