Photoshop: cutting out objects – Here’s how

Whether you want to cut an object from a photo or want to release an image area, the procedure is almost identical. We show you how you can cut out in Photoshop.

The luminary among image editing software offers several ways to get to the result. Choosing the right tool depends on how the object is designed to be cut out in this picture and what should be done with the cut-out motif.

Photoshop: Hintergruind exchange (video):
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Photoshop: cutting items &# 8211; Step by step

find selection tools

Depending on the nature of the photos, different selection tools are.Depending on the nature of the photos, different selection tools are.
  1. First, you have to Mark area, to be cut out.
  2. Selects this the appropriate tool from the Photoshop toolbar.
  3. Here you will find a dotted rectangle.
  4. Hold down the mouse button on this to open a new submenu.
  5. For this you can choose between eSelect INEM marquee, a selection ellipse single row or single column.

Under the rectangular selection takes you further selection tools: the polygonal lasso and magic wand. With the Lasso her free choice forms can draw. With the help of wand Photoshop takes the selection is based on colors and contours against its own. It can be adapted afterwards.

Select: Circles and rectangles

In square or round shapes clicking on the image and draws the area to hold down the mouse button. If the selection is quite round or rectangular, also hold down the Shift key. Using the option "Select" - "Transform Selection" the selection can be corrected.

Photoshop: cutting out objects - Free choice and wand

  • Do you choose the lasso, clicking in the image to an arbitrary point on the contour to be cut out of the object. then pulls the area that want to cut her with the mouse.
  • The Magic Wand their first moves with the mouse over the object. Photoshop automatically tries to find to cut out the contours along the way. Using the Alt key areas can be corrected.

Ctrl + C the marked area can be copied, be cut out with Ctrl + C. From the clipboard the selected content can then be inserted into a new project or image. The key combination Ctrl + J, a new layer is added.

Photoshop: Cut function &# 8211; Conclusion

The basic technique of cutting is learned relatively quickly with Photoshop. Until you really respectable results created so that it can take, however. Decisive here is the quality of the photo, which is to be processed.

You will also find a tutorial for cropping persons in Photoshop.

Photoshop: cutting out objects - Here's how

With us you learn also how you can cut objects with the free image editing GIMP.

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