record live pictures with iPhone 6 – is that possible?

With the live pictures Apple in 2015 introduced a new feature in iOS 9, you can contact the their three-second photo clips. the feature in the context of 3D Touch for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was introduced. We show you if and how you can use 6 Plus or other older iPhone models this feature on iPhone 6 and iPhone.

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record live pictures with iPhone 6 - is that possible?

was as live pictures presented as a new feature for the new iPhone, Apple limited this feature on devices that screen technology supported 3D touch. Looking at the purely technical function, however, they should not necessarily be tied to the screen technology. Accordingly, there is as yet some ways to unlock Live Photos for older models.

  • Live pictures - so you take on the moving Apple Pictures
  • 3D Touch: change sensitivity - how it works
  • Enable 3D Touch and clear - how it works
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Live pictures via additional app for iPhone 6 & Co. - instructions

You want to like to use the live pictures function and squints so always jealous of the iPhone 6s? Instead of a new smartphone, but you can also invest only 1.99 euros and you download the "Live Pictures Cam" app. also with it you can then create live pictures - it must on your iPhone, however, be at least iOS 9 installed - otherwise the app will not work namely.

Live photos will also work on the iPhone 6 and other models.Live photos will also work on the iPhone 6 and other models.

How it works&# 8217; s:

  1. Installed the app from the App Store.
  2. Gives the app when you first open access to camera and microphone, as well as your photos.
  3. In the app you can choose between front and rear camera.
  4. If you pressed the shutter must keep quiet and wait until the progress bar has finished her your device.
  5. The images are then stored as ordinary images in your photo app.
  6. In the photo app you can the Live Photo then easily view and activate it by pressing it with your finger long for.


Advantage: You are not tied to the app on the default three seconds of Apple's native app, but can a clip length of up to eight seconds to adjust and even have impact on the frame rate (15 FPS or 25 FPS).

Live Pictures Cam & GIF Photo Creator: Share on Facebook, Twitter & InstagramdownloadQR codeLive Cam Pictures & GIF Photo Creator: on Facebook, Twitter & share InstagramDeveloper: Voros Innovation *Price: 2.29 €

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