burn movies to DVD: So the movie comes on the disc

CDs are usually used to share large amounts of photos. But the disc continues to have a major use: burn movies! How to do it correctly and what to look for, you can learn here.

Three things are important if you want to burn movies on DVD. You need a program that burns the films in an appropriate format to the DVD &# 8211; and there are several! It takes the film data in an appropriate format that can be processed by a burning program. And you need a DVD player or other music source, which can also play the final result. The latter just sounds so natural because many users think that it can only give a film format &# 8211; the DVD. But there are different formats and not every player can handle all.

Properly burn movies: The choice of weapons

Before you can draw films on DVD, you should start back. What formats can the DVD player play? The &# 8220; normal DVD format MPEG2&# 8243; can any DVD player. but some decks also play movies on CDs that are burned in MPEG1 format and hot in the burning program VCD or SVCD.

Nero burn DVD moviesIf you want to burn movies, you have to choose the right destination format and also take into account what the player can

These formats are much smaller in the end, but also have a much lower quality. If possible, you should try, therefore, to burn their video to DVD and to use the default format. This way you can also be sure that any DVD player &# 8211; in PC &# 8211; the film can play afterwards ... with maximum quality.

Next, we must note the compatible output formats if we want to burn movies. Depending on how we ever got to the starting material, the films are, for example, in AVI or MPG on the hard disk. And that's not a problem for most programs such as Nero Burning Rom. in contrast, there is the Apple format MP4, such as is used on the iPad, you can therefore not easily burn movies. In this case, another program is needed to advance to convert the files. We tested those video converter for Mac and Win.

Copy DVDs and burn movies

In many cases, you want to burn movies on DVD that you have previously taken down by another DVD or bought online. In both cases, can be a problem that the output data is too large for the target DVD. features such as &# 8220; burn DVD folder&# 8221; Copy namely basically the output data 1: 1 on the DVD and add just the right play formatting. And that means if you have one of the usual 4.7 GB DVDs, you can burn a movie that is larger. In DVD format movies can not be split into several slices.

Nero DVD burningIf the output data is larger than the target DVD, you can burn a movie

How is it to where we have only just taken the data returned from a DVD down? That's easy: DVD movies are sold on so-called double-layer DVDs, which have twice the capacity. but the usual blank DVDs have only the single-layer capacity. If you want to burn a movie in such a case, so you have to buy either double-layer blanks or with a suitable program edit its contents first (menus, other languages ​​and bonus material delete) and then compress it still fits. This task master programs with which you can copy a DVD to the hard drive.


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