How do I use Roman numerals in Word?

Roman numerals refer to Word mainly for scientific research use. For example, as page numbers, but more frequently in lists. We show you how Word that automatically takes over.

How do I use Roman numerals in Word?

For most of us, it should anyway be the best that a numbering happens automatically in Roman numerals in Word. For page numbers, this possibility is rarely used. But with numbering and chapters he saw her frequently. Then it works well very good to Chapter 13, but after that it gets more complicated with the Roman numerals.

Theoretically, they are namely also write by hand, because they actually consist only of the capital letter I, V, X, C, L and M. The juxtaposition ensures that it be Roman numerals. But be honest: Who of you knows immediately and without looking, put that number behind the MDCCCXLI? (It's 1841)

Insert Roman numerals in Word

If we really want to use Roman numerals in a Word text, it is the easiest to write by hand. An alternative is to insert symbol characters represent Thus we find in Word version 2010 up a menu tab called. &Paste; # 8220&# 8221 ;. then the far right, we see the icon &# 8220; Symbol&# 8221 ;. Clicking on it opens a small menu where we later &# 8220; Other symbols&# 8221; can click.

Roman-pay-word-symbolsRoman numerals in Word, we can also insert using the symbol selection

This will open a window where we can find an infinite number of symbols of all kinds open. Now we make a font &# 8220; SimSun&# 8221; and under subset, the number sign, then we directly Latin numbers in front of us that we can insert in the text with a single click.

but what is even better: Below we find a button called &Key combination; # 8220&# 8221 ;. At this point we can create a custom keyboard shortcut for each Roman numeral that we want to use in Word. And then the number VIII is inserted, for example, with the combination Ctrl-eighth

Roman numerals as Word chapter numbers or page numbers

Even easier to use is to pay Roman when we put them in Word for page numbers or numbering of chapters or enumerations. Roman pay for the page numbers provides us with the menu, if we in the header or footer &Paste; # 8220 &# 8211; page number &# 8211; page numbers&# 8221; click. &Roman; # 8220&# 8221; called the selection point and it provides a fully automatic numbering of the page numbers in Roman numerals.

Roman-pay-word-numberingRoman numerals can automatically use Word for numbering

Similarly straightforward, the automatic numbering of chapters or bullets in Word. As you can see on the picture above, is behind the selection icon for numbering (red) a menu that offers us a method for numbering in large (blue) and small Roman numbers (yellow).

This automatic numbering in Roman numerals lead by Word perfect and it does not come to errors even in large numbers. The standard provides in this case so that a bullet number is written as a Roman numeral, and if this number has a sub-item, Word used to lowercase. One can choose to be used in the case small Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, ...) under the same menu.


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