Android-Sync Contacts: from your SIM card’s Google account – instructions

Your Android contacts synchronized their best on your Google Account. If your contacts are stored on the SIM card, we show how you may be able transmitted.

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There are smart phones that allow the storage of contacts on your phone or SIM card not only, but always require a Google account. In this case, the contacts are always synchronized automatically.

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Otherwise you synchronize the Android contacts with the Google account as follows:

  1. Opens on your Android device Contact list.
  2. Taps the three points, to open the menu.
  3. Selects the item Import / Export out.

    Android: Selects the import / export function.Android: Selects the import / export function.

  4. Taps the option Import from SIM. then selects as the destination Google account.

    Depending on the version of Android and device using it, the user interface of the People app is a bit different, but you always can on rather similar way to import the contacts from the SIM and can then synchronize automatically.Android: Select &# 8220; from SIM card Import&# 8221; out.

  5. Select from the SIM card now all contacts that want to synchronize with their Google account.
  6. Selects best here above the menu All out.

Android (twice) edit contacts on the PC

  1. After some time, your contacts also appear at the website Google to contacts, wherever you can simply edit on a PC.
  2. Login you to with your Google Account if you have not already.

Lest you suddenly duplicate contacts gets displayed, you must hide it under certain circumstances your SIM contacts in the Android contact list:

  1. Opens Android contact list.
  2. Tapping the top right of the three points and selects Displaying contacts.
  3. Ensures that behind your Google account is a check mark, but is set not check SIM. Sometimes it is also Local phone account or something like that.

Note: On some devices, such as the Moto G, which is not possible. Here SIM contacts are not even displayed and they can not edit or delete. but they can at least export from the SIM into the Google account and can thus synchronize.

Android automatically sync contacts

So in the future the Android contacts are automatically synchronized with the Google account, you should be careful when creating new contacts that you select a contact type Google. Under certain circumstances, it also uses multiple Google accounts, between which you can then select.

On some devices ldas save contacts only possible as a Google contact, the SIM card can not be used.On some devices, the storage of contacts is only possible as a Google contact, the SIM card can not be used.

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