Need for Speed: why there will be no paid DLC

DLC are usually worse than its reputation, particularly those that are not free. Even the recently published Need for Speed ​​will offer a bunch of DLC, but abzuknöpfen money without you for that. The organizers have also indicated why.

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It has something beautiful when it's still powered by the launch with additional content, and we may still be able to experience more story or get a larger selection of items. Yes, DLC is something good. Even if they are charged, it may be something good because developers must eventually be paid for their work. That DLC still enjoy a possible bad reputation, especially EA, Activision and Capcom is due to. All three are known to DLC are squandered without much added value such as sand in the desert at exorbitant prices, the contents were kept out of the game in order to sell as an extra or already shaped frame future DLC on the disc. The recently published racing game Need for Speed, however, waive any paid extras. And there is a good reason!

So has the need for speed studio Ghost Games commented several times to the fact that the arcade racer, though it is an EA game, neither paid nor DLC microtransactions will contain. An announcement that caused a surprise and disbelief. But creative director Craig Sullivan stands by this statement, and not only provides good reasons for the decision but also a promise. As it is said, is Need for Speed ​​definitely numerous extra content such as get new cars. And all of this content will be completely free and remain so. The reason for this was mentioned that the studio have listened to the fans. "Everything we do is to focus on what the fans want," said Sullivan. "They do not say: Can you create a bunch of stuff and let us pay for it? And because they do not say that, we do not do that too. I know that people will not believe us that and say that we will change this attitude in a week or a few months. But that will not happen. The plan is that there will be no transactions for Need for Speed.

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No warranty to 10 years for Need for Speed

He further stressed once again that all future content - and as they say a lot - will be completely free. Deliveries are scheduled to also begin soon. But why has presented this EA studio, the DLC? "That's what the players earn" it says so. But there is also a damper, the Sullivan can not swear that the game will continue in the future to 100 percent charged. It can not be said with absolute certainty that EA does not at some point asks microtransactions. But at the moment there are absolutely no plans. It would not even be possible, so easy to install such a system, as Need for Speed ​​has no Store. It must first manufactures a comprehensive makeover to change that fact. "I can not look into the future 10 years. All I can say is honestly, with hand on heart that we have absolutely no plans to sue you for additional content in Need for Speed. We will give you everything for free.

therefore remains to be seen whether this will change in circumstance in the next 10 years something. Need for Speed ​​is not what is at least refrain from micro-transactions, the only current EA game. Even the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront will do without, even if it will instead be paid DLC.

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