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In Firefox, you can set up a VPN tunnel to anonymize you from websites and trackers and to circumvent IP blocking. We show you how.

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What a VPN tunnel is, should you already know. Here are again briefly the advantages and disadvantages:

Visited websites not know your real IP addressOften very slow internet at free VPN providers
IP blocks can be bypassed
Encrypted connection (including the VPN provider can not see data)

VPN services are based only on encrypted data transfer, making them much safer than proxy services, as intercepted data to third parties are not visible.

Important: Virtually absolute anonymity can only be achieved if their uses as a paid VPN service like Perfect Privacy *. your PC via a VPN client connects to the Windows start then with the VPN servers on the Internet traffic is then forwarded.

In addition, anonymous VPN connection a client software as opposed to a proxy service not only what happens in the browser, but also e-mail, FTP, IRC, Usenet, Telnet, etc. In Firefox addons, the limited to the browser activity.

Firefox: Setting up VPN

The following Firefox add-ons we have found that offer VPN service:

Addon 1 -. AnonymoX

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About the X icon it sets the addon.About the X icon it sets the addon.
IP address change quickly (server location)limited data volume (free version)
  1. After installing the addon is already active.
  2. To disable click the top right of the X icon to change the server location or the addon.
  3. In the settings you can display and notification settings determine the user agent and the cookie behavior.

In the free version can cause network time overwrite obligations when you try to open web pages. then changes best the server.

Addon no. 2 - Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy

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The addon Hotspot Shield did not work with us.The addon Hotspot Shield did not work with us.
Unlimited bandwidth for freeDid not work with us
  1. After setup, you can find the top right a red, new symbol.
  2. There you can select a different server location or disable the addon.

In our version of Firefox 54.0, however, the addon has does not work.

Addon no. 3 - ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN

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The Zenmate symbol linked only used on the website where you have to sign up.The Zenmate symbol linked only used on the website where you have to sign up.
unlimitedZenMate icon opens first only the associated Web page for logging
Application registration required, although it should go without
  1. After installation, you'll find its icon in the upper right Firefox.
  2. Unfortunately, it only opens a ZenMate website with a login button, which is not indicative of settings or the like.
  3. You have the bottom of the lettering Try instead ZenMate Limited click and reselect the Limited version and register you there.
  4. Since the whole description according to developers to actually work without registration, we were disappointed.


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