Freenet TV: Cost of subscription and prepaid at a glance

Who wants to see with DVB-T2, the private television channel, has to resort to Freenet TV. Free can namely received with the new standard for terrestrial television only the public broadcaster. What is with freenet TV to the cost of the subscription or prepaid offers, we show you the following guide.

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53532What is DVB-T2 HD?

The Privatfernsehsen will gradually for Pay TV: With the shutdown of DVB-T satellite television is still left, which (at least in SD) transmits the private nor truly free. However freenet TV offers with DVB-T2 contrast to most channels in HD quality. The prices freenet TV aimed apparently at the HD receiver with a CI + module with the satellite reception.

Freenet TV: Costs in the overview

The cost of freenet TV amount to be 69 euros per year respectively 5.75 euros a month. Here you can choose between monthly direct debit or a prepaid credit card for 12 months. The advantage of direct debit that you can terminate a month and thus have to pay in advance than a full year. The credit card is - as usual for Preapid - however, not extended automatically, so you do not have to worry about the termination. By the end of July 2017 the private TV channels are beyond free air via freenet TV.

Here are the two options with their properties again in the table:

debitDebit card
costs 5.75 euros per month69 euros per year
  • automatic Vel√§ngerung
  • month's notice
  • No notice required
  • no automatic renewal
  • Freenet account

It should be noted that the refer only cost to a receiving device. So if you want to receive the private channels via DVB-T2 on several TV in the house, you have to pay more or always connect the receiver (CI + module, receiver, DVB-T2 stick) to the respective television. After the free trial period (late July 2017) should be enough for subscription customers More devices fare give that for a second and third devices 20 percent discount provides for the monthly price.

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Freenet TV: Cost of subscription and prepaid at a glance

Other important information about DVB-T2 and freenet TV:

  • DVB-T2 channels in HD: So you see sharp ZDF, RTL and Co.
  • freenet TV: record a program - is that possible?
  • Freenet TV stations: These programs are available over DVB-T2

Freenet TV: Additional costs?

Whether you want to see the private television station with freenet TV or DVB-T2 only required for the reception of the public service broadcasters, of course, still some costs for the transition to DVB-T2 come up to you. So you need above all a DVB-T2 receiver, DVB-T2 stick or a TV with integrated DVB-T2 tuner.

In addition, a DVB-T antenna is of course necessary to be able to receive the transmitter. If you still have an antenna that have used their previously for the reception of DVB-T, but this should work with high probability with the DVB-T2 device.



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