Farming Simulator 17: Multiplayer in detail

Will you save costs and play together with friends, you can try the multiplayer mode in Farming Simulator 17th Up to 16 farmers can order the same fields and raise animals. What you have to consider when multiplayer mode, you learn in this article.

The multiplayer has a long tradition in the LS series. Of the Farming Simulator 17 again has a Multiplayer, of how the work of the previous title basically. However, was the maximum number players set to top, so you can now play together in larger teams. Do you have issues with the multiplayer or you just want to know if their mode even without Internet can play? In the following article you read all the important facts about the multiplayer in Farming Simulator 17th

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Farming Simulator 17: Multiplayer in detail

The multiplayer mode of Farming Simulator 17 is for up to 6 players designed. However, this applies only to the console versions. On the PC, you can even use a Team consisting of 16 farmers play. Here you have together is not only fun but also saves a considerable amount of money. The helpers costs namely can forget her, because no additional auxiliary farmers are needed. However, to play together, you have to consider a lot:

  • Make sure that all players LS17 same version have. That it recognizes the version number that appears in the game. This is not the case, those farmers will have to download updates.

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  • In the Multiplayer settings can you also select mods. Here, too, you must note that all players in the team same mods installed need to have. So comparing before you set what modifications you all. Do you do not, other players can not find your server.
  • PC gamers should especially remember that any more players also more request to the computer provides. So your PC needs a corresponding power to represent liquid at the same 16 farmers on a map.
  • Do you have other problems with multiplayer, you should take a selected map look at. Is this and a map from an extension, you must again with all team members compare whether all the players have this. This is not the case, you must choose a standard card.
Do you play with friends can save their costs.Do you play with friends can save their costs.

a to launch multiplayer game, you have to select the menu. After that you choose a free space. Seek out now a difficulty level: easy, normal or hard. Speak you here best with your team on. but you can also join an existing game. In a list you all multiplayer games are displayed. Pay attention here particularly to the symbols next to the game name. On exclamation mark shows you that is played in this game with mods and / or DLCs that it does not own. On lock indicates that it is a closed game that you can not join. With the filter at the bottom you can sort by specific languages ​​or cards.

Do not all farmers in a game, the same mods, there can be problems.Do not all farmers in a game, the same mods, there can be problems.Start Photogallery(311 images)Farming Simulator 17 vehicles: Photogallery and list of manufacturers and brands (Update 13)

Frequently asked questions about multiplayer mode

Can you play the multiplayer mode offline and / or in split screen?

No, the multiplayer does not work without Internet. All players must have an internet connection. A local co-op mode, so split screen is also not offered.

How can you talk in multiplayer?

For that you need a course microphone and Headphone. about PlayStation 4 you have to create a party. In the Xbox One this also works on the party chat. The not done it in the game, but in the main menu of the console. On the PC also do you need external programs. Here are Skype or TeamSpeak at. But the latter is not free, since it requires a dedicated server.

Can you find gold nuggets in multiplayer?

No, in this mode it is not possible, for the coveted gold nuggets and collect.

How can I join my account or share?

Do you want a separate account, so share your accounts so that only individuals have access to it must, making her the following settings:

  1. Click on the Multiplayer settings.
  2. Selects here Separate Account and confirmed.
  3. All the assets will be divided.

LSW 17 does not start? This can you do

We have the LS 17. Can we play together various editions anyway?

For example, although a friend of a Collector&# 8217; s Edition owns and a Standard Edition, you can still play in multiplayer mode. It just depends on you all to have a valid product code or serial number.

In multiplayer you can enjoy together the beautiful landscapes.In multiplayer you can enjoy together the beautiful landscapes.

Is it possible that we operate a number of farmhouses next to each other?

No. You can only map the hoster, so the one who opened the game play. It is not possible that each player has its own yard. Is there a Cross-Play? Cross play is called a feature in which players play different platforms together can. However, when Farming Simulator 17 that is not possible.

Problems with the Multiplayer &# 8211; Common errors and solutions

The multiplayer from Farming Simulator suffering for years from frequent bugs that are repeated from part to part. Thus, for example, for several LS versions not connect to multiplayer. In this section we try to you troubleshooting offer for various errors. Just write us a comment but if your problem could not be solved.

My multiplayer game jerky &# 8211; what can I do?

Running your game not liquid, which is on the Internet. Here is the upload speed your connection is very important.

  • The developer LS17 recommend an upload speed of at least 5 Mbit / s.
  • The player who wins the fastest internet connection has a multiplayer match should open up and invite others.
  • The Delay Time is also an important factor. In the game you see in the upper left corner a number which indicates the delay between the player and the plate appearance. she should below 100 ms (Milliseconds) lie.
  • If you WLAN switch to LAN can, you should do that. So that more speed depends on your device.

&# 8220; There was no connection to the multiplayer game made&# 8221;

From this problem many players report. It is usually at the Port your router. Can you, for example, your fellow players do not hear your voice chat on Xbox One, this is due to blocked ports of your router, which should unblock her. For that you have to a PC and drive router settings. The following settings have to make her

Xbox OnePlayStation 4
unblocked following ports on your router (UDP incoming / outgoing):10832, 10834, 10839, 1084710831, 10833, 10838, 10846
forwards following ports on your console continue (UDP):5000, 1082310823

In addition, you should enable the network settings that other players connect to your console allowed.

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