Convert Feet in meters: It’s so easy (with table)

Convert Feet in meters: For many devices the dimensions for the size formatted in English appears as in feet or inches. But how big and how long is it exactly? In the following guide we tell you all about the size measurement foot and show you how it converts feet to meters. You will also find a table with key size measurements for television.

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Feet to meters &# 8211; So long is a foot

On the Internet there are many sites that convert feet to meters (and vice versa) &# 8211; But it is better to know how the system works if just is no internet at hand. In addition, mental arithmetic keeps the brain alert.

  • A foot (English Foot) corresponds to a length of 30.48 cm and 0.3 meters (when converted to meters can you round the millimeter).
  • A meter corresponds to a length of 100 cm.
  • A meter is thus 3.28 feet (100 divided by 30.84).
  • If you want to walk convert to meters, you do simply this: Multiply the length in feet by a factor of 0.3 &# 8211; the result is the (approximate) length in meters.
  • If you want to convert meters to feet, you multiply the length in meters by a factor of 3.28.
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Foot stepping

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Feet to meters &# 8211; What else is there?

Walking is not the smallest degree in the English system: the nearest whole number is Inch (inch) of length of 2.54 cm in the metric system equivalent. The next largest dimension is Yard that a length of 91.44 cm corresponds to &# 8211; So a little less than 1 meter. The greatest degree in the English system is the Miles with a length of 1.609 kilometers or 1,760 yards. Here are some other useful Umrechungen:

  • A foot = 12 inches
  • A foot = 0.3048 meters
  • 1 meter = 39.37 inches
  • A yard = 3 feet
  • 1 mile = 1760 yards

The foot is often with a simple swipe &# 8216; abbreviated, the inch with 2 lines &# 8221 ;, e.g. 3&# 8242; 15&# 8221 ;. Written out, the 3 Foot, 15 inch, and corresponds to a length of 129.54 cm. Another abbreviation for feet ft.

Digital multimedia entertainment and media televisionThe screen size for televisions is usually given in inches.

Where will walk still used?

Today, the metric system (1 meter = 100 cm = 1,000 millimeters) is used almost everywhere, because it is much less complicated and umissverständlicher. However, the units feet and inches up right in the technical field, for example, for televisions and tablets, still quite frequently. In the following you will find a table of the most important variables for the screen size for televisions. More about variables can be found incidentally in the article SIM card sizes in comparison: Micro, Mini, Nano, all formats.

English (inch)metric (cm)
75 inches190
65 inches163
55 inches139
50 inches126
48 inches121
40 inches101.9
32 inches80.4

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