ARK – Survival Evolved: All trophies and achievements – Guide to 100%

In Dino Survival ARK: Survival Evolved you have to do all kinds &# 8211; the show you the trophies and achievements of the game. Tames her a dinosaur or even uses it as a mount, there are each an achievement for you. Reist her a lot and discovered the card, you can also expect a success.

Since the release on the PlayStation 4, the success of ARK is: Survival Evolved unstoppable. On the PC, the dino-adventure could inspire a wide following already, even on the Xbox One has the game already found fans. In this article we will show you all Trophies, Achievements and successes of ARK: Survival Evolved and give you tips on how you can unlock the respective achievements.

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ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: unlock achievements with ease

Overall, you can 33 and 32, respectively trophies successes receive Survival Evolved: in ARK. Unlocking by most of the success is not all that difficult. Are you on the achievements of, you should just the server settings change at the beginning of a game to the effect that the taming of the Dinos easier. We tried it: yet you get the success, even if you do much easier means of regulators the game. The successes get their way, not only when you are playing on a server. Also loner can dust on a local server every 33 successes.

ark-survival-evolved-successes Trophies-teaser

Incidentally, there are no verpassbaren success at ARK. With cheat codes or command commands you can on a local server all achievements up to &# 8220; Your first day&# 8230;&# 8221; and &# 8220; Proven paleontologist&# 8221; get. Some trophies may not appear until about half an hour later &# 8211; So waiting sooner or start the game.

All trophies and achievements at a glance

All achievements and trophies by ARK: Survival Evolved and tips on how you unlock them, you will find in the following Table. Did you get a different Achievement? Then write us in the comments!

ark-successes-your-first-dayYour first day ...bronze-finalgamer core 20
You have survived a day and a night in ARK.

This Achievement is not particularly difficult. Do you play for the first time ARK: Survival Evolved, you should the change controller of the server. Adjusts for example, that Dinos dish out not so much damage and you all the more. So you can make you once familiar with the basics of the dinosaur adventure. In addition, you should look for a spawn area, behind the light. Clicks you to survive the first day and the first night and through our tips and tricks for ARK by:

Start Photogallery(8 pictures)ARK - Survival Evolved: tips to help you survive the first time
ark-successes-your-first-ridingYour first ride ...bronze-finalgamer core 20
You are ridden for the first time on a Dino.
ark-successes-your-first-dinoYour first Dino ...bronze-finalgamer core 20
You have tamed your first Dino.
ark-successes rex riderRex Ridersilver-finalgamer core 20
You are riding a T-Rex.
ark-successes-giga-riderGiga-ridersilver-finalgamer core 20
You are riding on a Giganotosaurus.
Achievement_Master_ZoologistMasterful zoologistsilver-finalgamerscore-100
You have tamed all charmable creatures in ARK.

The first two successes go hand in hand. To on the Dino horse riding, you have to him also usually tame. Our guide to taming Dinos gives you more tips on. After that, you need a saddle for Dino to ride on it. Will you already unlock success early, we recommend you the Phiomia. A saddle for him you will receive already at level 5. To crafting it needs its timber, fiber and animal skin. The Urelefanten can be found in The Center directly to the Center around it and on the eastern islands. On the ARK you should chasing the south and east of the island. Do you need more information to tame? Then you look also the following video with tips for Taming of:

62346tame dinosaurs and other creatures - Ark Survival Evolved

Masterful zoologist switched among others her free with cheats. You can see it but also try without. For that you have to tame any creature. Alpha Dinos do not count, even some creatures from other maps except The ARK must not be tamed. Look at the Dino dossiers have already collected it. By this you know roughly what you are missing. Do not want to cheat her, we recommend you to play with a trunk. So you have to tame less Dinos. All creatures that her tames in the trunk, are together and you get all the success.

ark-successes-cards makermapmakersilver-finalgamerscore-100
You have discovered more than 80 percent of the mini-map.

just walk across the map and discovered it. However, you should always have a Sleeping bag take, that you spawn back here with a sudden death. The sleeping bag also ensures that you can quickly travel ensures &# 8211; and indeed everywhere where you have placed a sleeping bag. Take the safe side, a Dino with whom you fully packed with food and other resources. This success should not try to start it. Find yourself in the first game before you discover the card.

ark-successes-maximum-dinosaurmaximum dinosaurssilver-finalgamerscore-30
One of your Dinos has reached the maximum level.
ark-successes-maximum-about livingMaximum survivorsilver-finalgamer core 50
You have reached your maximum level.

Tames you first take a Dino and Levelt him. He raised his level by, inter alia, other Dinos kills. The level cap for Dinos is not defined. A Dino can reach a maximum level 225th After you've tamed him, he can still rise a maximum of 65 levels. Do you have tamed a Dodo at level 10, so it can reach a maximum of 75 and you get success. Survivors have a Level cap of 100. As you level fast in ARK, learn it in the linked guide.

ark-successes-High-summitHighest peakgold-finalgamer core 50
Climb the highest peaks on the ARK.
ark-successes Deepest Deepdeepest depthsgold-finalgamer core 50
Dive to the deepest point of the ARK down.

The highest point is located on the volcano in the center of the map ARK. Tames best to get you a Pteranodon here. Without pterosaurs it does not come to this place. The YouTuber HTH70 shows you how to get the achievement with cheats or where the point is: Of the lowest point located in the sea at the edge of the map ARK. Do not forget to craft you a diving equipment. Some courts also give you more oxygen underwater. Here the appropriate video:

ark-successes-panaceapanaceagold-finalgamer core 20
Heal your malaria.

Malaria will receive their leeches. There are several types &# 8211; you should according to contaminated Egeln looking for, which are brown and slightly larger than normal. The leeches be found in Sumpfbiom. But before you let infect you, should you at least Level 20 be to crafting you the remedy. 16 Engrammpunkten it switches the small curative serum (Lesser Antidote) free. For that you need

  • 5x blood of a leech
  • 1x narcotic (for this preparation mortar and pestle is required)
  • 10x Rare flower
  • 10x rare fungus

The malaria is contagious &# 8211; only walls can shield you. Has befallen you a leech, you have briefly in a first campfire jump, so that the leech jump off.

ark-successes-proven-over livingProven survivorgold-finalgamer core 50
You defeated the first ultimate life form.
ark-successes-experienced-plaeontologeExperienced survivorgold-finalgamerscore-70
You defeated the second ultimate life form.
ark-successes-perfect-about livingConsummate survivorgold-finalgamerscore-100
You defeated the third ultimate life form.
ark-successes-advanced-about livingAdvanced survivorgold-finalgamerscore-100
You defeated the first three ultimate forms of life and yet ...

These successes will receive her as soon as you have all bosses defeated. More you learn at this point: tactics against all raid bosses.

ark-successes-artifact archaeologistArtifact archaeologistgold-finalgamerscore-100
You have collected all artifacts.

The artifacts be found in caves, underwater caves and other special places on the island ARK. Where you find them exactly, you read our article on the artifacts and their localities in ARK: Survival Evolved. In addition, you need the artifacts to summon the bosses. For this reason, this trophy should not be so difficult to obtain &# 8211; especially not if you already have an advanced level.

ark-successes-proven-plaeontologeproven paleontologistgold-finalgamer core 50
Ye have gathered all the dossiers of the ARK.

Collect all Dossiers one of the island ARK. In total, there are 88 pieces. 3 of them are the bosses of the island. Your they receive once their Dinos tamed or conquered you. Does it have a dossier not counted, you should restart. Success is bugged. So it may be that you clear the memory status and once again have to collect all. Go into your inventory and right click on top of the diary. Here you can see how many files have already found it.

ark-successes-apex predatorapex predatorplatinum-finalgamerscore-100
You have collected all successes.

Three trophies with Ascension DLC

Now you have mastered from the original game, the achievements and trophies. With the Ascension Update came three new trophies to:

44e34ggamma risebronze-finalgamerscore-30
You are risen from ARK with gamma level.
6b76b1Beta risesilver-finalgamer core 60
You are risen from ARK with beta level.
beg0edAlpha risegold-finalgamerscore-100
You are risen from ARK with alpha level.

With &Promotion; # 8220&# 8221; or. &Ascension; # 8220&# 8221; means that you have defeated all bosses and are come to the end. Then you can namely once again compete against the bosses and get even better loot from them. With this process, you will never get bored and you can face always a new challenge. After each climb you get a higher level cap and exclusive skins. Defeat the first three bosses at The Iceland and then dares you to the TEK-cave that you find in the volcano. Her credit for you to take the climb, you start from scratch with your character. When beta and alpha climb it also requires all the artifacts and the Drops of alpha creatures. Will you do it yourself easily, you can also enter the following codes. Wait briefly so that they appear:

  • player command Ascend1 (gamma)
  • player command Ascend2 (Beta)
  • player command Ascend3 (alpha)

Notes Explorer update with all successes

This free extension ten successes were added. Collect all explorers notes an island in order to unlock these trophies.

d405dgexplorers beginnersbronze-finalgamer core-5
Found 10 percent of all explorers notes on The Iceland.
d405dgexperienced explorersbronze-finalgamer core-5
Found 20 percent of all explorers notes on The Iceland.
1g7de0adventurous explorersbronze-finalgamer core-5
Found 30 percent of all explorers notes on The Iceland.
1g7de0industrious explorersbronze-finalgamer core-5
Found 40 percent of all explorers notes on The Iceland.
1g7de0veteran explorersbronze-finalgamer core-5
Found 50 percent of all explorers notes on The Iceland.
1g7de0experienced explorersbronze-finalgamer core-5
Found 60 percent of all explorers notes on The Iceland.
0b3g66professional explorersbronze-finalgamer core 10
Found 70 percent of all explorers notes on The Iceland.
0b3g66explorers expertbronze-finalgamer core 10
Found 80 percent of all explorers notes on The Iceland.
0b3g66Masterful explorersbronze-finalgamerscore-30
Found 90 percent of all explorers notes on The Iceland.
44e3jgperfect explorersgold-finalgamer core 80
Finds all explorers notes on The Iceland.

Searches for boxes in which you can find the notes. Included are also here the Dino dossier. The boxes be found almost always in ruins like structures. So look for it and opens the boxes. We recommend you the God mode or the cheat LEAVEMEALONE. So you take no damage and Dinos ignore you. So you can easily convert about The Iceland and look for the notes.

Searches for such buildings. You can find the Explorer Notes nearby.Searches for such buildings. You can find the Explorer Notes nearby.

A success for Map &# 8220; The Center&# 8221;

On the second map of ARK called The Center, there are bosses again, against the you can fight. They call themselves the Guardian. You must ascend for this success again. This means that you collect all six artefacts and must build the portal. Then it goes to the guards. Defeat them and obtain the Achievement!

6b34dbSurvivor of The Centergold-finalgamer core 50
Defeat the guards at The Center.

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