FIFA 16: Update 1.02 – patch download for PC and PS4 is ready Xbox follows

Approximately two weeks after the release of FIFA 16 EA Sports is enough now for a new update to version 1.02. Here you learn where to find the FIFA 16 patch, and what changes brings the upgrade to version 1.02 with it.

FIFA 16: Update 1.02 - patch download for PC and PS4 is ready Xbox follows

The update will be downloaded automatically when the console is installed on the FIFA 16, and starts Origin on the PC and connected to the Internet. Currently, the new patch for PC and PS4 is available for download, the Xbox One is to follow today.

1080386 What's new in FIFA 16: From because nothing new!

FIFA 16 Update: 1.02 patch &# 8211; Download for PC and PS4

EA Sports has been working in recent days, especially on the AI ​​of the goalkeeper. Besides divessen further small improvements in addition, the salaries were revised in career mode. In FIFA Ultimate Team some improvements to be carried out over the 1.02 patch. The changelog at a glance:

  • Improved motion sequences of the goalkeeper AI and optimizations on positional play of goalkeeper
  • Exploit eliminated in Virtual Pro leaderboards
  • FIFA Coach Button Tuning
  • Players clipping eliminated in the intro sequence in some stadiums
  • eliminates conflicts with Team / referee jerseys
  • eliminates the bow, were counted at the assigned shots in the upper right corner of the net as a gateway
  • Teams that were divided over the EA Sports Football Club, now also appear in FIFA menus
  • Error is eliminated, after a contract object was used
  • Away team now carries the correct jersey
  • Controller disconnects removed
  • Team names in Ultimate team can now be awarded without an error message (see also:. FIFA 16 Problems: UT-name is not accepted)
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FIFA 16 Update: Patch 1.01 - the new features

Already on the release day, there was the patch to version 1.01 16 FIFA following fixes brings the patch 1.01 for FIFA 16 with it:

  • Improving stability in online games
  • Improving stability in Ultimate Team
  • Improving stability in Career Mode
  • Improved goalkeeper AI
  • Trap-error tuning adjusted
  • Games position itself now more sensible for corners
  • Fixed replacements by red cards
  • Debug problems solved
  • EA Trax artwork adjusted and corrected
  • optimized player names and team appearance

FIFA 16: Update 1.02 - patch download for PC and PS4 is ready Xbox follows

Great gameplay improvements or even new teams as they will supply later Konami with the announced squad update for PES 2016, it will not reflect the new FIFA 16 update.

FIFA 16: Patch 1.01 - that brings the update

FIFA 16 was released on 24 September. A version for Wii, Wii U, PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS will not happen this year. Those who want to get an impression of the game, you can download the FIFA 16 demo and read our FIFA 16 test. For the first time, this year's FIFA game offers the ability to control and women's teams. The league licenses, not much has moved, however. With us you will find tips for defending in FIFA 16 and information about Bulwell.

FIFA 16: Update 1.02 - patch download for PC and PS4 is ready Xbox follows

With us you also learn how you can add 2016, the Bundesliga in PES.

Source: EA Sports

Article published on September 24, revised to update 1:02 on October 7, 2015

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