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If you want to sign you for the first time for the video-on-demand service Netflix, there's been sure to clarify some questions for you. How much does the whole and there are discounts or rebates which subscriptions are available and how to untscheide this means of payment accepted Netflix and on what conditions I am bound upon termination? For all newcomers streaming why we have written this Netflix Beginner's Guide.

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Netflix - Costs & subscriptions

The cost of Netflix vary by subscription, but move from 8 to 12 euros a month. As a new customer, however, you need a question of fact to worry because the first trial month usually is free of charge.

Every now and then there are also special promotions, which offer, for example, mobile or Internet service provider when signing a contract for several months free Netflix. In this case you should pay attention to how the conditions look after the action. Unfortunately, there is currently no Netflix benefits and discounts for students and pupils, as is the case with other streaming providers.

The three different subscriptions differ in the possible resolution and the number of simultaneously used equipment. It should be noted that the simultaneously active devices should not be used to account sharing!

Netflix subscriptionBasedefaultPremium
simultaneous device124
qualitySDHDHD / 4K UHD
costs7.99 EUR / month9.99 EUR / month11,99 € / month
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Netflix - Payment

Those who have already paid cash on the Internet, should find a payment method that fits even with Netflix. The video-on-demand service can pay you via PayPal MouseTapes and direct debit.

And if you do not like, you can also have a Netflix gift card (prepaid card) at which you get in many supermarkets and you can also purchase bar if you're not a fan of the card payment. The payment can you to adjust at any time.

log on to Netflix: everything worth knowing Account

Netflix - Termination

Here, too, the Netflix novice need not worry: Netflix is ​​terminated monthly. So you can get a taste without obligation to offer from Netflix and if you do not like the service terminate, even in the free trial month again as a new customer.

But even if you are in the meantime for a few months abroad, or just not in the film and series offer for you here is, you can quit and you sign up again later at Netflix, if you want to use the streaming service again.

log on to Netflix: everything worth knowing Account

Netflix - Alternatives

with its strong Netflix original series and many other films and series Netflix offers a wide range of streaming offering. However, the video-on-demand market in Germany continues to grow, so it naturally should keep in mind the alternatives like Amazon Video or max cathedrals and their offer. Maybe another streaming service offers more series and movies to your liking.

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