Clothes roundabout: contact the customer service – how it works

With clothes gyro can record their contact if there are problems when selling or buying second-hand clothes. In many cases dresses gyro while offering the Help Center for customers &# 8211; read in this guide what other options there are to contact clothes roundabout.

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Clothes gyro is no more old clothes to sell online one of the most popular online platforms. For bargain hunters clothes gyro is interesting, as sold in the portal always chic second-hand stuff, bartered or even given away. This can lead to problems from time to time, of course, as when sellers do not send goods paid, does not participate in the exchange partners or there are problems with the sales charges. In these cases, it is advisable to contact the customer service of clothes roundabout.

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Clothes gyro Contact: Here gets her aid

First of all: clothes gyro does not provide hotline to which one can turn to potential problems. This is annoying and makes the net repeatedly for complaints disgruntled users &# 8211; On the other hand it is in many other websites today as well, especially if you want to get in touch with Facebook Germany on the social network Facebook, despite millions strong user numbers does not provide hotline.

Clothes centrifugal Help CenterThe Help Center finds its answers to common problems.

Similar to Facebook centrifugal clothes instead provides its own service area, called the Help Center. Customers can find answers to the most important issues that keep coming up in connection with clothes roundabout. Among other things, can be found here to help:

  • Change Shipping Address
  • Pay item
  • users report
  • Buyer and Seller Protection

For most situations can be found here unfortunately only how-to instructions, for example, how you get your address changes or manages that profile. In some cases, clothes gyro has nevertheless predefined forms, for example, to report other users for violations. To use these forms, you've got to first with your clothes gyro-profile signing, which it also uses for other Transakionen.


achieve dresses centrifugal customer service by email, fax and mail

According to numerous reports from users on the Internet take requests that you judge from the Help Center at clothes spinning top, very long usually. In urgent cases, their clothes centrifugal therefore can also be reached via the following email address:

[email protected]

Selects this best a meaningful subject with which you ensure that the mail will be noted and directly does not end up in the storage compartment.

In addition, clothes gyro offers its own fax number to which you can also send your concerns:

089 66660228

Here, too, you should be careful to describe the most important information and the problem easily visible to ensure rapid processing. If the problem can not be easily solved, her clothes centrifugal achieved also through the following postal address:

Clothes centrifugal GmbH
Landwehrstraße 37 RG
80336 München

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