Create RAM disk in Windows 10 – Here’s how

A RAM disk uses a part of your memory (RAM) to include him as a hard disk in Windows. This will get a drive that is up to 10 times faster than an SSD. So you created the RAM disk in Windows 10th

  • 10x faster than SSDs
  • RAM is used as a "hard disk"
  • Fast loading and saving of large (and small) files
  • Files on the RAM disk are erased at each reboot (but can be circumvented)
  • On 32-bit Windows is RAM disk max. 3.5 GB
The RAM disk is 10 times faster than an SSDThe RAM disk is 10 times faster than an SSD

Program for measuring speed: CrystalDiskMark

So you create a RAM disk in Windows 10

  1. Install the SoftPerfect RAM Disk Version 3.4.8 (last freeware version) software.
  2. Agrees with the installation of the storage controller driver.
  3. Click the program on the Plus symbol.
  4. selects Size of the RAM disk out. This size is then subtracted from your memory and used as a RAM disk.

    Here you created your RAM diskHere you created your RAM disk

  5. If you have 8 GB of RAM, you can use 2 GB of RAM disk.
  6. On a 32-bit Windows, the RAM disk can be a maximum of only 3.5 GB in size.
  7. Assigns a RAM disk Drive letter to. We have R: taken.
  8. Selects below the file system NTFS out.
  9. click on OK, and list the created RAM disk appears.

In Windows Explorer, the new drive R you see also. Now you copied as files and folders on the RAM disk on the Windows read extremely fast and write.

The Windows Explorer shows the RAM disk as a new driveThe Windows Explorer shows the RAM disk as a new drive

At every Windows restart, the RAM disk is created automatically. You can open the bottom side a little yellow icon, the associated program in the taskbar. However, when you restart all files on the RAM disk will be deleted.

RAM disk deletes itself on restart

  • The contents of memory will be erased when the power is off or the PC is turned off (as does a PC).
  • That is, the RAM disk empties every time you restart.

So you can change this:

  1. Click in the program SoftPerfect RAM Disk on top of the menu image > Create image&# 8230; .
  2. Now you determine the location of the image file in which the contents of your RAM disk to back up. This may not be on the RAM disk itself, but on a SSD or hard drive.
  3. As size we specified the size of the RAM disk, as well as NTFS and a name.

    Here we create an image (image file) as security for the RAM diskHere we create an image (image file) as security for the RAM disk

  4. Click OK.
  5. Click in the main program, double-click the entry of your RAM disk (R :).

    In the RAM disk, the backup image file is entered.In the RAM disk, the backup image file is entered.

  6. Give below Image File Name your just create image file.
  7. Set in a tick store content in image.

What's happening now?

  • Before a Windows restart the program saves the contents of the RAM disk on your hard drive / SSD in the image file, so that the contents when you delete the RAM disk are not lost.
  • After a Windows restart, the contents from the image file to be loaded into the RAM disk.
  • This "survive" the data on the RAM disk and reboot.
  • Of sudden power failure you but does not protect this method. Then only the last saved image is available.


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