see Lucha Underground in the stream and TV in Germany

The wrestling world offers far more than just what is happening in the WWE. Who Luchadores, indie wrestling and high-flying action may will find it in the wrestling league, "Lucha Underground". Lucha Underground will echelon broadcast and still leaves more story and series elements incorporated than z. As is the case with WWE. Now you can see Lucha Underground in Germany.

see Lucha Underground in the stream and TV in Germany

For several weeks was seen in TNT slightly different wrestling league in pay-TV. Now the group of potential viewers is greatly enhanced: Lucha Underground comes into free TV!

Tele 5 adopted Although WWE RAW, obtained for Lucha Underground into the program. When exactly it will go, is not yet clear, on the Tele 5 website but there is already a separate bottom and a short teaser.

At Tele 5*

Fans of wrestling action can follow Lucha Underground in the stream. Season 1 *see Lucha Underground in the stream and TV in Germanyand Season 2 is always available on iTunes. Unfortunately, the episodes are not in the German iTunes store available for retrieval. Elsewhere, we show you how you can sign up for iTunes USA you. In you find a user report with 11 reasons that speak for Lucha Underground. Fans of wrestling league away from the mainstream events of WWE can look forward to in December. TNT series shows the first season in the German TV from 10 December. $ 0 pm broadcast the Lucha Underground sequences in Germany on Saturdays from 22 to. We show you how to receive the channel TNT series.

Lucha Underground at iTunes*

TNT series on Sky*


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Lucha Underground in the Stream

Numerous videos and matches of Lucha Underground in the stream can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of the radiating transmitter El Rey Network. Unlike other excerpts or entire shows in the video portal these videos are made completely legal online here. For some content, it may happen that the corresponding video can not be viewed from Germany. Here you can manage you with an appropriate browser plugin. On the website of Lucha Underground you can find many more wrestling videos.

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When will Lucha Underground Season 3?

Currently two seasons of the wrestling show at El Rey Network were shown. A third season is already being planned. The recordings for Lucha underground Season 3 scheduled to start in March / April. Start for the latest season is supposed to be the beginning of the 2017th

With iTunes, you already have a lucrative streaming partner on his side, which makes Lucha Underground accessible to a wider range of users. For some time also a persistent rumor holds that one wants to work with another partner. According to the renowned "Wrestling Observer Newsletter" to Lucha Underground should be located close to a deal with Netflix. in Germany there is not a rights contract for the broadcast of the wrestling shows present Lucha Underground might as well be available without detours in this country in the stream. Since mid-2015, trying to persuade fans to a deal with Netflix and Reddit Lucha Underground. In France Lucha Underground runs the cable channel action even on TV.

lucha-underground-itunesThe complete first season of Lucha Underground at iTunes

Numerous shows of Lucha Underground in the stream can also be found on Watch Wrestling. The videos have been posted online but here without agreement of the copyright holder. Accordingly, the creators of the show also deserve nothing to the content. When viewing such streams you find yourself as a user, at least in a legal gray area, a landmark ruling on this is still pending. Anyone who wants to contribute to the wrestling league was in the future, has, however, should give up the prestige of these streams.

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