Zvukoff.ru – MP3 Download and online radio: This is what happens when you are caught

Zvukoff.ru called for a new Russian download portal on the user free new music in MP3 format and can be downloaded. Sounds convenient, of course, does not cost money &# 8211; but the download at Zvukoff.ru is legal? In this guide we clarify and reveal what can happen if you 'downloads on the side of music online.

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Who wants to listen to music today has to buy any CDs or disks more, in contrast to earlier. Thanks to the Internet, there are several ways to new songs, hits and classics to come in formats other than MP3 or today. Many of these options are legal and in some cases relatively cheap, for example, Apple Music or streaming music provider Spotify. In addition, however, there is a large gray area in legally questionable or clearly illegal deals. This includes the Russian side Zvukoff.ru.


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Zvukoff.ru: download MP3 online for free &# 8211; legal or illegal?

On Zvukoff.ru takes her music of various styles in the free MP3 download. Unlike other providers of movie and music downloads Zvukoff.ru but is hosted directly, say you invite you the file from the Zvukoff servers down.

  • Other pages link mostly on third parties to have legal protection.
  • The operator then enters this case solely as an agent, but offering nothing themselves and must therefore also fear no consequences &# 8211; at least theoretically.
  • Zvukoff.ru provides the download instead of himself &# 8211; similar to the share-hosting portal Megaupload, which was shut down after 2012 FBI investigation.
  • The operators of Zvukoff take advantage of that copyright law is not developed in Russia as in this country, although there are efforts for years to improve the legal situation.
  • Nevertheless: If you 'downloads music you at Zvukoff.ru, you make you liable to prosecution because her an order Copyright infringement commits.
  • A violation is valid when her illicit works uses (for example, movies, music or games) whose distribution rights reserved to a specific owners.
  • not granted you the owner of the rights of use (usually by purchasing the respective station) you commit a violation of the law.
  • In an emergency, you threaten to §§ 106 of the Copyright Act fines and longer prison sentences.

are in practice much more frequently instead the so-called warnings. Here, you will receive a letter from the rights owner, you will be in the asked to submit a non-judicial declaration of failure and to ensure that you commit no more violation in the future. So that you avoid a costly trial, for nothing but you do not get it: warnings can easily three figure sums reach, so you should stay away from illegal downloads can.

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Zvukoff.ru: Download and radio &# 8211; Is it safe?

The question remains: Do you really expect a lawyer letter when you download is music of a Russian download portal? Finally, this country uses only national (German) law &# 8211; what's the Download from abroad? We can give at this point no clear legal recommendation &# 8211; but at least no cases are known to us where people were prosecuted because of a Dowloads at zuvokoff.ru. Nevertheless, you should not assume that as a license:

  • In many cases lie in wait for such portals viruses, Trojans or subscription traps in the download.
  • Opens her the downloaded file, the virus installs and contaminated your entire computer.
  • In addition, zvukoff.ru is available only in Russian language &# 8211; if you have no say Russian and a Russian keyboard, the navigation is on the side extremely difficult.
  • Although Zvukoff not only downloads, but also online radio and music streams to and partly also music that is not copyrighted &# 8211; but since the site is in Russian, it is difficult to find out what applies to each case.

In general, it is always better just because of the risk of viruses to resort to legal alternatives. We show you the top 5 websites where you can download for free their music.

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