Justin Bieber – Asset 2016: he is so rich really

What is the capacity of Justin Bieber? That became known with YouTube US pop star is now one of the world's highest paid musicians, is known. But he's really how rich? And make the 50 million followers on Twitter and financially paid? Here you learn how high the Justin Bieber assets in 2016 really is.

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US teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is one of the generation of pop stars, who grew up with the Internet and take advantage of the social media sent for itself. His first success he celebrated with self-uploaded videos on YouTube &# 8211; followed by meeting with Usher and Justin Timberlake, and finally in 2008 a major label contract with Iceland Records. the EP &# 8220; My World&# 8221; with the hit single &# 8220; One Time&# 8221; made in world famous and also the debut album &# 8220; My World 2.0 *Justin Bieber - Asset 2016: he is so rich really&# 8221; broke all records. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber is the most successful child star since Michael Jackson.

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Justin Bieber: Fortune 2016 Overview

The exact amount of the assets of Justin Bieber in 2016 there are only estimates. The fees for his appearances, the revenues are used by record sales and MP3 downloads, and assets such as cars or real estate. The assets of the magazine has done again and comes to the following result: Justin Bieber has in 2016 about 200 million dollars (about 181 million euros) &# 8211; not bad, considering that the singer is just 22 years old.

Justin Bieber assets

  • He made his first million at age 16 with the "My World Tour 2010" &# 8211; today gets Justin Bieber alone for a single concert about $ 300,000.
  • In addition a well-oiled marketing machine headphones, bedding, children's jewelry and other accessories under the name Justin Biebers sells.
  • Other revenue arising from model contracts, for example, a contract as underwear model for Calvin Klein.
  • Also, the concert film &# 8220; Never say never&# 8221; sold very well worldwide and brought another 100 million dollars in private funds of Justin Bieber.
  • 2014 Justin Bieber was on the Forbes list of highest-paid 100 top celebrities at No. 33 &# 8211; the estimated annual income was estimated there with about 80 million dollars.

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but Justin Bieber is most always on the go, not only in musical matters. In recent years, he also worked as an investor in various start-ups of digital entertainment and communications industry. Among others, Justin Bieber investor on the video chat service Tinychat, the game developers Sojo Studios as well as music streaming platform Spotify. you should mention addition, approximately 10.8 million subscribers who are likely to be extremely profitable, with the participation of Sony, UMG and Google also.

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Justin Bieber cars privateWith its assets Justin Bieber numerous sports cars and its own private can afford.Start Photogallery(25 images)Justin Biebers friends: Whom he loved? Wen he cheated?

Justin Bieber &# 8211; Assets: villas, luxury cars and a private jet

Who has so much money, are of course also happy. Justin Bieber is sure not to be frugal known when you go out with friends. In addition, several luxury property include a handsome fleet and its own private jet to the inventory of the young millionaire.

Justin Bieber has included the following luxury cars:

  • Porsche Turbo 997
  • Ferrari 430
  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Swag Car
  • Fisker Karma Hybrid Car
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Ducati 848 Evo
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Range Rover Evoque

With a sports car one tears it as an international superstar tears today of course not get out: Therefore, Justin Bieber also made at Christmas 2014 as his own private jet. This is estimated to have a Gulfstream G650. Estimated purchase price: At least 50 million euros.

Merry Christmas she&# 8217; s a beauty

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For an adequate housing provide more luxurious estate, including a mansion in Los Angeles, which for 10 million US dollars bought Justin Bieber to his eighteenth birthday and a luxury apartment in New York, the almost modestly with a value of 1.7 million anmutet. Another property in Calabasas, California once belonged to Hollywood star Eddie Murphy &# 8211; Justin Bieber has in the meantime however, sold to Chloe Kardashian, the little sister of Kim Kardashian.

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