Anonymous Mail – How to do it right!

On the Internet, nobody is truly anonymous. To send an anonymous e-mail is not so easy. We have put together some ways and tips.

Anonymous Mail - How to do it right!

An important tip is equal in advance: If you want to send an anonymous email to insult someone or to send him illegal data, then you have to be very, very clever and careful. Even if that is not available with most providers of anonymous e-mail services about to give out on request from law enforcement authorities immediately all the data. For a truly anonymous and extremely difficult zurückzuverfolgende email so you have to create a complex technical infrastructure. One can, for example, hide in the Tor network and then search from there a rather dubious commercial VPN service. There you opened an account and paid anonymously. Thereafter, by the VPN tunnel&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: // 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>VPN tunnel a provider of anonymous e-mail services to contact and send his messages. But even then it is not certain to which connection information the police ultimately rankommt. So ... be careful! This is also true for the case that you want to anonymously send text messages.

But for the following advice I just'm assuming that you want to send an e-mail just a friend without the immediately knows who is behind it.

Anonymous e-mail from the normal account &# 8211; the simplest case

When I open an email account providers such as Google Mail, GMX and Co, then I want to the rules there really enter my correct personal data, but can control the barely. At the same time, there are no rules that forbid us to open multiple accounts. So if you want to send an anonymous e-mail and maybe even get a reply to the sender address, then this is definitely the easiest way.

anonymous email googlebut I must not give my real name if I want to send an anonymous e-mail

All these providers provide a webmail interface available so that you do not even need to set up a separate account in the mail program. The sender's name can be freely selected and the average recipients of such emails do not get out who sent the mail. The connection data may anyway issue only on court order, the mail provider. So as long as you behave properly, you will not be established with certainty as the sender. At worst, the e-mail headers in the source code contains the IP address from which you sent the mail. But the normal user does not come close to the sender.

Basically, this is the easiest option, which has the simultaneous advantage that you can also receive replies in this way. However, one should be sure call send the message from the Webmail interface in order to reveal any computer identifiers such as network name.

Anonymous emails &# 8211; the fake mail address

When looking for anonymous e-mails, then it's not always about to send yourself anonymous mails. Sometimes you just do not want to give his correct e-mail address when registering on a website, but need the option, for example To receive a confirmation link. In the event you need an anonymous redirect e-mail address. Then on to his fake email address and as soon as someone writes there, the mail is forwarded to the proper account. There are a large number of vendors. The main problem of such so-called disposable e-mail addresses that website operators get out quickly where such addresses are coming from and then lock the application. Therefore one must constantly seek new services.

Here is a partial list:

trashmail.comProvides anonymous e-mail addresses where you can choose from different domains. There's even a Firefox plugin for it.
wegwerfemailadresse.comWorks online only. The anonymous email address holds 24 hours, and can be received on the side of the provider and read.
byom.dealso works online only. Only one domain as the address extension. This reduces the risk of rejection is higher.
spoofmail.deGerman offer, choice of 4 domains. Keeps for 24 hours.

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